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Middle School IEW Intermdiate -Formal and Creative Writing – Using IEW Level B Continuation Course 

Middle School IEW Intermdiate -Formal and Creative Writing – Using IEW Level B Continuation Course 

This is an intermediate IEW class and assumes the student has completed at least two-three?IEW classes. ? Students with equivalent IEW experience may also participate in this continuation course with teacher approval of a submitted writing sample. 

This class will focus on both formal writing and creative writing to develop student’s compositional skills in preparation for high school level writing.  IEW methods will be reviewed, with new organizational and more advanced techniques introduced and practiced.    Multiple Creative Writing lessons throughout the year will be done implementing writing techniques, but without formal checklists. 

Formal Writing Projects will include: 

  • Writing Paragraphs 

  • Writing 3 Paragraph Reports 

  • Adding Introductory and Conclusion Paragraphs  

  • Interviews 

  • Formal Letters 

  • Critique 


Creative Writing Projects will include: 


  • Writing from Pictures 

  • Imaginative Interviews 

  • Fictional Letters 

  • Imitative Writing – Fables and Children’s Books 

  • Poetry 

Writing Techniques Included 


  • Organization and Note Taking 

  • Summarizing from Multiple References 

  • Formal Essay Format 

  • Editing Practice 

  • Dress up review 

  • Sentence Opener review 

  • Decorations:  

  • Dual verbs 

  • Dual ly 

  • Invisible which 

  • Invisible ing 

  • Similes 

  • Noun clause 

  • Triple extensions 


Students will be required to spend approximately 20-30 minutes per day on homework.   Parental oversight and help with editing is required, particularly in the beginning.  As the class progresses, the students will become more independent in editing, but may still need oversight to be sure they complete their work.  



Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course Level B


Supply list will be provided after registration.

Teacher: Robyn Holcomb

Time: 2:00pm-2:55pm

Price: $320/ year