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Middle School Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics


The Chemical and Physical science course is designed to be a transitional course for students just starting middle school.  We will not have many auxiliary handouts or notes.  Most assignments and activities will come straight from the Lab Notebook and the homework will follow the curriculum and pacing laid out in the notebook.   Students must have completed 5th grade math.  

Introduce your children to the fascinating world of chemistry and physics! The activities and projects in this course are sure to delight and inspire your young minds. They’ll begin by exploring the basic building blocks of creation, atoms and molecules, and then journey through simple chemicals, the laws of motion, and energy in its many forms, before discovering concepts of electricity and magnetism. Along the way, your students will make their own bouncy ball, formulate a smoke bomb, build a solar oven, construct a working periscope, fashion a miniature motor, and create a lava lamp! All the while, God will be glorified as the Master Designer of all that they’re discovering about the world and how it works. This exciting course will give your students a love for learning and a confidence in science that will carry them through the school years and beyond.


This course is designed to be a transitional course to middle school science. It is geared mostly toward 6th graders, but 7th and 8th graders who have not done any introductory level physical science or chemistry would also be welcome. We will be following the course of study laid out in “Apologia: Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics”.  This class will include homework assignments from the notebook and periodic quizzes.


Book and Notebooking Journal for “Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics”


Teacher: Mrs. Kelly Sonnhalter

Time: 9:30--10:25am

Price: $320 for the year