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Depending on the weather, we will be rotating between sports training/learning and strength and speed days.  If it is not raining, mostly every class will be outside so please dress your child appropriately.

Sport Specific Training/Learning and other Outdoor Games

Each week we will go over a new sport or revisit a sport we have worked on. Drills, fundamentals and games, children will learn how to play each sport by breaking down skills, working on fundamentals and applying it to the game. Flag football, baseball, soccer, capture the flag and dodge and more!

 Strength & Speed Days

Each week, we will spend time on speed and agility training. From using body weight to actual weight, lad- ders, medicine balls, we wil train kids on how to properly use their body to get stronger and faster and have fun in the process!  With limited space, we will also focus on sit-ups, push-ups and other cardio workouts done in place. Get ready to sweat!