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Kindergarten Explorers

Kindergarten Explorers is an exciting hands-on, play based class designed to enrich skills your child is learning at home. 

Each week will focus on a theme and Bible scripture (some themes may continue two weeks in a row). Explorers will participate in hands-on experiments, dramatic play, sensory bins, crafts/projects, use of manipulatives (links, counters, magnatiles, etc), and games. A minimum of two stories will be read aloud each class and each week will have a literacy (alphabet, sight words, rhyming words, etc), math (counting up to 100, skip counting, more or less, measuring, shapes, colors, money, etc), science/ social science (asking if then questions, hands-on experiments, basic mapping skills, community roles, etc) components. 

Explorers will be welcomed by a morning message each day and will practice greeting each other. Explorers will also practice basic skills, such as, sitting in a circle, taking turns, lining up, and following multi-step directions.

To view a sample of our daily curriculum and daily schedule please click here:  


To view the curriculum map for the entire year, please click here (please read the note at the bottom of page two):  


A newsletter will come home each month with the books we will read, sight words and letters we are focusing on, math skills we are focusing on, and any other pertinent information. 

Is my child ready for this class?

Can they have a conversation with their peers and a teacher, giving opinions, likes/dislikes, ideas, suggestions, etc?

Do they follow simple directions (at least three steps)?

Can they sit still long enough for a story or short activity (5 - 6  minutes)?

Do they use the bathroom independently?

Do they consistently share, take turns and play with others?

Can they write their name?  Can they recognize ALL of the letters in the alphabet and their sounds?  (Possibly read or sound out with help basic words, cat, sat, hat)

Can they match rhyming sounds?

Can they count and recognize numbers to 10?


Teacher: Mrs. Jenna Myers

Time: 9:30-11:25am 

Price: $150 x 2 hours = $300 / semester + $5 supply fee