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IEW- People and Places in Our Community for 3rd-5th grade

IEW- People and Places in Our Community for 3rd-5th grade

All parents are required to buy the $10 Structure and Style Overview DVD before their child takes the class



This class is for 3-5th graders who can spell, write 4-5 sentences paragraph on their own, who have been introduced to basic paragraph writing, but not structure and style.  Understanding parts of speech: noun, verb and adjective.  Correctly use basic punctuation.  Willing to learn how to Use reference books such as the dictionary and thesaurus.

Get to know the people and places that make up our community.  From construction of buildings and building roads to the emergency room to the hairdresser or veterinarian, we will explore those and many more occupations in ways they make our community work as we learn structure and style of writing.   We will write paragraphs, stories, reports and creative writing as well as play a variety of games which teach vocabulary, reinforce elements of style, and simply add to the fun!  


Homework will consist of daily checklist of making outlines and writing and re-writing papers using the methods learned in class.  There will be homework for each day not in class.  And all work inside and outside class will be expected to be written and not just dictated.  


Each student will also need to purchase the text book People and Places in Our Community Once you purchase this handbook you will be able to download, for free, the teacher's manual.  Please do this as you will need to refer to it throughout the year. 



Teacher: Jenn Currie

Time: 1:00pm-1:55pm

Price: $150/ semester + $5 supply fee