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Young Geography Explorers

Young Geography Explorers

(Introduction to World Cultures and Geography)



Makes predictions about a story or passage based on the title and/or pictures

Identifies words and constructs meaning from picture clues in text

Identifies basic sight words

Distinguishes fact from fiction

Begins to understand basic characteristics of fables, stories and legends

Identifies story elements of setting, plot, character and conflict (where, when, what, who and why)

Uses personal perspective in responding to stories, such as relating to characters or situations

Locates the title, author name, illustrator name and table of contents

Sorts common words into categories (e.g., food, colors, shapes)


Reads and writes own name

Tells a story using pictures

Uses letters or shapes to depict words or ideas

Writes basic words

Copies or writes words to convey messages

Participates in group dictated stories

Builds simple words and sentences

Demonstrates left-to-right progression, and top-to-bottom progression

Young Geography Explorers will be introduced to the geography and cultures of the world!  Sampling music, dance, fairy tales, language, animals and plants, art, and major landmarks, as well as basic geography and geographical terms, we will visit all seven continents.  Students will walk away with a better appreciation for our amazing earth and the people in it!

Aimed at those students with basic reading skills and writing in simple words, we will learn by listening, looking, and doing!


Teacher: Mrs. Julie Hughes

Time: 10:30-11:25am

Price: $150 / semester + $5 supply fee