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Our Vision

This co-op is not to be a replacement for the homeschooling family.  It is a community of people who have come together to help uplift and support each other in our homeschool journey.  Each journey is different and unique, but all with the goal to help get our children to heaven!  Our hope is that you find community with in this co-op where together we can grow in faith, hope, and love!

We want to be an instrument of Peace to all we encounter.

Where there is hatred; we hope to show love

Where there is hurt; letting forgiveness be enough

Where there is doubt; we want to bring faith

Where there is despair; we want to be hopeful

Where there is darkness; we want to be a light to others

Where there is sadness; we want to show joy

For it is in doing unto others, we will be born to new life with Christ.

"For I have come to make all things new" - Rev. 21:5