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Parents On Site


The LCHE leadership team desires for you and your children to have a wonderful class experience. We do require a parent (or guardian) to be on-site during class time, and parents are expected to serve in a teaching or helper capacity during co-op hours.  Every adult on site will be assigned a task to complete.

 Non-related children may be allowed to register on a case-by-case basis with approval of the Leadership Team.

In the case of emergency only, children who are at least 10 (TEN) years of age, with Leadership Permission Only, may be assigned another adult in charge of the care and discipline of your children during this emergency.  This emergency situation must be presented to Leadership PRIOR to adult leaving facility.  Not notifying leadership will put your involvement with HIS Co-Op at risk.


On rare occasions, for special circumstances, WITH PRIOR APPROVAL from Leadership, an exception may be made for an upper level high school student registered in a science lab to attend one morning of classes without a parent in the event that his/her parent must be absent. 

Teachers will come get you if a child is having difficulty with a project, is disruptive, disrespectful, and sick or injured. HIS Co-Op teachers are not taking your place academically, spiritually or emotionally but are coming along beside you in a supportive role as you homeschool your children.


Each LCHE activity and organizer deteremines, by the nature of that event, if parents need to be on-site.  

Reviewed and Approved July 2022