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Electronics Policy

Our volunteer teachers work hard to prepare fun, interactive, and exciting lessons in order to enhance classroom learning opportunities. Please do not allow your children to bring anything that would be disruptive for them or the other students. This includes games, cards, handheld devices, music players, and others.

Students’ cell phones must be turned off and left out of sight during classes. Teachers may reserve the right to collect cell phones at the door of their classroom. There will be no tolerance for cell phone use during or between class (this includes texting).

Parents’ phones should be turned off or on silent. Adults should not accept calls during classes unless it is an emergency. If you are expecting an urgent call, notify the teacher you are assisting that you may have to excuse yourself during class. Parents, please do not text or play on your phone during any class. This sets a bad example for our students. If you need to send a text or check an email, please step out of the classroom to do so.

Teachers may need to use a mobile device for attendance, or presentation of classroom activities; all other uses should be reserved for before or after co-op.


Reviewed and Approved July 2022