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Subject Contact Name Contact Info Description
Math Molly Nesham Best Tutoring Build Excite Stretch Transfer Technology B.E.S.T. Tutoring brings out the genius lurking in each student with a Blueprint for Brilliance.
Speech Lori Linder, M.A.,
City Speech, Inc.
141 N. Meramec Ave. Suite 110A,
Clayton, MO 63105,
(314) 704-5727
City Speech, Inc.
City Speech is a Missouri certified pediatric speech pathology provider (Missouri Board of Healing Arts) and a member of the American Speech/Language Hearing Association (ASHA) that has been in business for 20 years and is a trusted member of the St. Louis community. City Speech is passionate about developing children’s self esteem and confidence, focusing on changing a child’s communication abilities that will make a difference long term. City Speech specializes in articulation, expressive and receptive language and fluency disorders. Children with speech challenges can feel alone and isolated. Their grades can suffer along with their ability to socialize with other children and make friends. They may not reach their full potential if not given the proper therapy at the proper age. City Speech is dedicated to helping children reach their full communication potential. City Speech is a local company. We accept Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, United HealthCare, and GHP Coventry. Please call us at 314-704-5727 to contact us with any questions or to make an appointment.
Science & Math Cynthia El Elm Tutoring
(559) 877-8710
We have noticed the disturbing trend of homeschool students returning to the public school environment during junior high and high school, mainly because of daunting math and science subjects. It is our mission to help parents keep their students in a safe, wholesome environment while still providing a high quality education for their children. We tutor small groups of homeschool students twice a week through Skype and Scribblar in the subjects of math, chemistry, and physics. We only charge $15 a week for this service. Our tutors are highly qualified (each holds a degree in either chemistry, physics, or education), and we have been tutoring and teaching since 2001. We consist of four tutors who are devoted to the idea that our children thrive in an environment that is free of the negative influences and the peer pressure that is found in a public school setting. One of the main reasons I started this program was to help other families keep their children safe and healthy, both physically an emotionally, and I believe that this can be best accomplished in a home environment.
Math & Reading
Maryann Lucas mya73lucas@gmail.com
(314) 721-7071
A retired teacher of 30 years with some special needs experience.

All subjects K - 8th
grade. Writing
through high

Ali Grimshaw Open Doors Education
(314) 365 -1995
I am a teacher with 30 years experience (20 with homeschoolers) and a homeschooling mom who is now self employed as a tutor and teacher of small groups. I love helping kids get excited about learning and helping build their confidence, while supporting their parents in this homeschooling journey. Experienced with both gifted and special needs, I have a son on the autism spectrum. As a tutor, I can work with your curriculum or produce my own to meet your specific needs. I offer one on one tutoring, but will also work with siblings, or groups of friends for a special rate. Some families employ me to help with a subject they find hard, others use me so they can get a chance for the parent to get half a day to do other things while I homeschool the kids. I will also be teaching a class during Enrichment Thursdays while my highschooler is in Algebra 2.
Benedicite Family
Therapy provides
services to
children & adults
with disabilities
Mary Wessel 636-327-6113 benediciteeducation@gmail.com  www.benediciteeducation.com Benedicite Family Therapy provides in home support and services to children and adults with special needs. For children to be successful in school, families and schools need to develop a partnership. Benedicite Family Therapy helps families understand and stay connected with their child's school and helps develop, with the family, a home based program focusing on their needs. Therapy sessions are family centered; meaning services are incorporated and intertwined into their daily lives and routines. Benedicite Family Therapy understands that education does not stop at academics, but encompasses knowledge in multiple fields including social skills, independent skills, and daily living skills. Schedule your first consultation for free. Services include: Tutoring Applied Behavior Analysis Functional Behavior Assessment Positive Behavior Support Augmentative Communication Assistive Technology Advocacy Social Skills / Social Thinking Inclusion Strategies Community Outings Family Resources MAPs (Making Action Plans) Ability Awareness Sensory Strategies Service Provider The above services are provided by Mary Wessel. Mary holds a B.A. in Special Education K-12. She is certified in Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education, and has her Master's Degree in Severe Developmental Disabilities. She currently teaches Inclusion Strategies to the General Education Teacher at Webster University, and is the Director and classroom teacher at Benedicite. She taught and developed inclusion programs and individual ABA programs in a self-contained classroom ages kindergarten - 2nd grade for 5 years for Special School District. Mary specializes in Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication. She is in the process of completing her First Steps certification.
North County Fine Arts Academy Donna Kennedy (314) 699-4917
Individual Instruction: Currently NCFAA offers Piano, Guitar, String and Voice lessons. Music composition, and/or improvisation will be offered during private lessons for those who desire it. •Group Instruction: Semi-private lessons (2-5 students) for Guitar, Strings and Piano are available for beginners or those who are not ready for an individual instruction. •Kindermusik™ – North County Fine Arts Academy is pleased to offer Kindermusik™ classes for children and their grown-ups beginning in October. For more information please see www.kindermusik.com.
Listening House Piano Studios Rhonda Barfield www.listeninghousestudios.com

Based in lovely old town St. Charles, we offer piano lessons that empower students to create and to share their musical gifts. 


Ginny        Melby Ginny     Melby



I teach all subjects K-6. I have experience as a 1st grade Spanish Immersion school teacher, as well as an intervention specialist for students K-5 in a private school. I am now a full-time homeschool teacher.
After two years in an elementary school, I realized how much I love the one-on-one and small group time with my students. I thrive on the personal interaction with them and much prefer the intentional, focused attention I am able to give my students in a homeschool setting.
I have spent the past two years as the personal teacher for two families (5 kids each) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I adore my students, however I am getting married and moving to Ballwin, MO this August.
Let me know how we can work together to give your children an excellent education from the comfort of your home!