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Science Fair General Info. (K-12)

Science Fair Goals

  • Spark an interest in science by asking questions
  • Learn and use the scientific method to look for answers
  • Learn to organize and manage a project
  • Potentially compete to advance to the regional science fair

Simplified 8 Week Checklist

  • Week 1: Start notebook. Ask questions & pick a topic. 
  • Week 2: Research topic. Keep track of references. 
  • Week 3: Ask a question that you need an experiment or an observational study to answer. Develop hypothesis. Design your study.
  • Week 4: Get mentor feedback. Get supplies for your study. Start your experiment/observation! 
  • Week 5: Continue experiment/observation. Record data. Start planning display. (5th – 12th grade: Outline project report.)
  • Week 6: Continue experiment/observation. Record data. Collect materials for display. (First draft report.)
  • Week 7: Finish experiment. Analyze data. Draw conclusions. (Revise report.)
  • Week 8: Complete display and prepare for the fair. (Edit final report.)

Adapted from: First Place Science Fair Projects for Inquisitive Kids by Elizabeth Snoke Harris, 2005.

Proposed Timeline

  • Week 1: Starts Dec. 8
  • Take time off for the week of Christmas
  • Mentoring week: Jan. 5 – 11
  • HSL Science Fair: Feb. 9 during co-op (We can make arrangement to display projects from kids who are unable to come on Thursdays.)
  • Snow Date: Feb. 16
  • Deadline for first place winners to register for Missouri Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair: Feb. 17
  • Tri-County Science Fair: March 4

Final Notes

  • It is important that the kids are presenting work that they have thought of and completed themselves so they can learn.
  • Safety First! Rules prohibit experiments with vertebrates (including humans), bacteria, fire, or anything that can possibly harm a person.
  • Missouri Tri-County Regional Science and Engineering Fair rules and info. link:https://mtrsef.wordpress.com/
  • The Academy of Science-St. Louis Science Fair (http://www.sciencefairstl.org/) is also a great resource with drop down menus for “Getting Started,” “Your Logbook,” and “Your Display,” although be aware that their rules are different.
  • I have started a forum on the HSL website to post rules and schedules and as a place to ask questions.  Please e-mail me if you want to be added as a member of this forum.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or ideas to make this a great event!