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Policies & Procedures

Homeschooler Link

Policies and Procedures


Homeschooler Link is an inclusive organization supporting homeschoolers in St. Charles County and surrounding areas. We are a diverse group with various religious, social, economic, political, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

We expect all who attend and participate in our group to abide by the following Policies and Procedures. By participating in Homeschooler Link, you agree to these Policies and Procedures.

Mission Statement

To link together homeschool families through clubs, activities, field trips, classes and other common interests to create, encourage, and support a community and to provide social and academic activities for children.


Section 1 – The qualifications for membership in this organization are: each potential member must be currently homeschooling a child between 5 and 18 years old, and the membership request on the website has to be filled out completely.

Section 2 –Membership shall be a fee based membership.  Membership dues and privileges are determined by the Board. Only those persons whose membership is paid for the current year will be members in good standing.  The Board has the authority to establish differentiated membership fees for different categories of members, e.g., pastoral, other co-op leaders, specialty teachers, etc.  Fees will be reviewed and set annually by the Board to meet requirements needed for budgetary needs.

Section 3 – Membership shall be for one year beginning on May 1st and ending on April 30th.  Any dues not paid by July 31st will cancel your membership. New membership dues received after February 1st will include the next years membership as to promote new members to join and not wait for the May renewals.

Section 4 - Members of the organization shall not have the right to vote on matters, including election of officers.

Section 5 - Homeschooler Link shall have power to reprimand, suspend, expel, or otherwise discipline any Member for committing any violation of the Policies and Procedures or the Enrichment Thursday Handbook; or for disruptive conduct or conduct unbecoming a Member; or for any action taken which Homeschooler Link believes to be against the best interests of the group; or for other cause determined by the Board of Directors of Homeschooler Link.


Conflict resolution between members shall be brought before the Board of Directors if matters cannot be resolved between the members themselves.  The Board will then attempt to mediate the conflict between the members. The Board has the power to revoke membership if the conflict cannot be resolved.


As a 501(c)3, the Board may accept on behalf of the organization any contribution for its granted purposes or any particular special purpose directed by the donor.


These Policies and Procedures may be amended when deemed necessary by a ? majority vote of the Board of Directors and approval by the Founder. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the secretary and sent along with regular board meeting notices.


Code of Conduct


Be respectful of others and the property of others:

  • No physical or verbal abuse, coercion, stalking, intimidation, harassment (verbal or sexual), threats of violence, cyber bullying, or discrimination.

  • Members will avoid the use of divisive or inflammatory comments, symbols, gestures, or actions of any kind.

  • No profanity, gossip, lewd or vulgar language.

  • No use of tobacco products or vapors of any kind on the premises.

  • Leave all events and facilities better than you found them. Respect the premises and help clean up.

  • Please arrive to classes, events, and activities in a timely manner.

Dress and Appearance

Dress and grooming will be the responsibility of the individual and parents/guardian.

Members shall not wear the following:

  • Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your chest, your stomach or your underwear is not appropriate

  • Low cut shirts, muscle shirts, halter tops, midriffs, backless apparel, sagging pants, or extremely short shorts/skirts

  • Clothing which promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or its products

  • Clothing with sexually suggestive messages, profanity, or messages of a vulgar nature

  • Clothing with holes above mid-thigh in inappropriate places or exposing undergarments

Public Displays of Affection

Our group ranges in beliefs, ages, and family guidelines. Members will respect each other by refraining from inappropriate displays of affection. In addition, pornography and sexual communication, whether verbal, written, or electronic, are prohibited between students and at any Homeschooler Link activity.


  • Use or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other related products by students is strictly prohibited.

  • Tobacco and alcohol may not be used on the premises of our co-op or field trips.


Safety is of utmost importance to our members, therefore:

  • No student will be allowed to bring weapons of any kind to Homeschooler Link events.

  • Adults who choose to bring weapons must be in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations as well as respect the guidelines of the facilities we use. Carriers bear full responsibility for securing those weapons at all times.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety of their children at all Homeschooler Link activities.


Should conflict arise between students, parents, or a member of the Homeschooler Link Board of Directors, the following guidelines should be utilized to resolve the dispute:

  • Issues should be resolved in an appropriate time, place, and manner.

  • Students are encouraged to work out differences with each other, with parental guidance.

  • If there is a problem with a child’s behavior, it will be addressed privately with the parent/guardian.

  • If a conflict between adult members arise, members are expected to first attempt to work through their differences respectfully and privately.

  • If a situation cannot be resolved between students or adult members, it should be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.


Should any member choose to not follow any Homeschooler Link Code of Conduct, the issue should be brought to the attention of the Homeschooler Link Board of Directors.



  • Keep children home if they have had a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, yellow or green mucus, crusty, red or runny eyes or have started antibiotics with-in the past 24 hours.

  • Keep children home if they or someone in the household has had pink eye, the flu or an intestinal virus within the past 4 days.

  • If a volunteer feels your child should not be at co-op (according to sick child policy), they will notify you immediately.

  •  Call or text 636-486-6605 to let us know you will not be at classes.

  • Please notify us if your child becomes ill the day of or after classes. This will help other parents be informed and prepared. 


Disciplinary Policy

Lunchtime and Recess:

We have three recess monitors. Parents of children under 5th grade are required to accompany their children outside for lunch and play. Recess monitors will be equipped with whistles to curb aggressive behavior and warn children who leave the designated play space, but ultimately parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are kept safe on the premises. As a cooperative, we rely on families to work jointly to make Enrichment Thursdays successful.

Recess will be held behind the church building on the north side, away from the road. Students are not allowed to play in the parking lot or south area. For quiet time and inclement weather, classroom spaces will be allocated. For everyone's safety, students are not allowed to close or lock doors to classrooms during lunch. Any groups or clubs must be accompanied by an adult with the board's knowledge and approval. 

Classroom Behavior:

Students younger than first grade must be accompanied by their parent or guardian between classes. A teacher or teacher's aid will accompany them to and from the restroom if they need to visit during class. 

Students who exhibit disruptive behavior during class are allowed two warnings depending on the severity of the disruption. Any child whose behavior does not allow the class to continue will be taken to the front desk with their parents notified of the incident. A written classroom report will be kept on file for each incident, and parents will be given a copy of the report.

We strongly encourage families and teachers to work together to mitigate and mediate behavior and conflict, but a board member is always available to assist and bring about an agreement and reconciliation. Severe or repetitive incidents will be treated with priority and handled through mediation with a board member present.

Behavior amendment will accompany a probationary period of a length not to exceed one school year, overseen by the disciplinary committee, with probationary terms met and updated in agreed increments.

Severe behavior that cannot be reconciled will result in the dismissal of the student and/or family from the co-op with regards to usual fees and tuition paid and the schedule permitting refunds. These cases will be kept on file by the co-op for three years.

Board Member Behavior:

Board members must conduct themselves with manners and behavior befitting an example for HSL. This includes their children. No discretionary allowances will be made for either a board member or their children with regards to the behavioral policy.

Board members must be kind and respectful to one another and the members of HSL.

Gossip and duplicitous/malicious behavior will not be tolerated. This includes friendships and/or talk with former board members. Disagreements between board members must be dealt with on the board between the conflicting parties, with exceptions made for mediation at the discretion of the board.

Continuous disregard for this policy will be addressed by the disciplinary committee, unless the offending party is a committee member. A neutral third-party or board member may be asked to mediate. Discretionary disciplinary measures may be made, up to and including a probationary period or the offending board member’s dismissal.