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Homeschooler Link

Homeschooler Link is a rapidly growing homeschool community in the St. Charles County and surrounding areas.  We are a diverse group of families with various social, economic, political, religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We come together to help enrich our children's education and to provide social support for our families.  We provide field trips, holiday parties, park days, mom night's out, dances, classes, age group hangouts and more.

We have classes for all ages at our Enrichment Thursday co-op.  HSL provides Choir, Spanish, P.E., Literature, Sign Language, Drama, Bible, Science, History, Engineering, Computer Programming, Art, and more.  There is a tab in the menu bar above "Co-op FAQ" that can help answer questions you may have.

We would love for everyone to take part in this group and help to make this a great tool for our families.  So, jump in and find something of interest for your family.

There is a link above to our Facebook chat group.  This is a great place to help answer questions you may have about homeschooling or get more information about our group.

To join our group click the Request Membership button on the right.  There is an annual member fee of $20 to cover insurance and website fees.  This fee must be paid before you will receive approval for membership.  After applying for membership you will be sent to a screen for payment instructions.  

Renewals of membership will be open each year beginning May1st.  All memberships will be parked each year on August 1st, if you  have not renewed.  

VERY IMPORTANT!  Please add lifeline@homeschool-life.com to your contacts so that you will receive all of your emails!  You don't want to miss class information or important items.