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Is any homeschool family welcome?

Do I have to register on this site?
If you would like access to class registrations, other members' information, or the detailed calendar you will need to become a member through registration. Click here to register for the site.

How do I register for classes?
Once you are a member of the site you will see a "Register for Classes" link at the top of the page.

Where can I get more information on homeschooling in the MN/WI area?
Check out our helpful links page. It is continually being updated and more links added.

When do classes meet?
Classes meet on Mondays from September through the beginning of May. Each semester is 15 weeks. Classes meet between 9:00 and 4:30.

How long are classes?
Most classes meet for one hour for two semesters. However, our upper level Science classes meet for 90 minutes and private music lessons are 30 minutes. There are a few classes that are just one semester long.

How much do classes cost?
One semester, hour-long classes are $85. Two semester, hour-long classes are $170. Two semester, 90-minute classes are $255. Writing classes have a higher tuition due to the extra time the teacher spends correcting papers, etc. These prices increase on August 2nd by $25 per class. Private half-hour music lessons are $285 per semester.

What if there is time between my child's classes?
We have parent monitors both days to supervise any students who aren't in class. However, it is meant as an independent study hall for between classes. Students are allowed to visit, play outside, play games, etc., but need to keep voices down as not to disrupt classes in session.

What do we do about lunch on Mondays?
You may pack a lunch or snacks. There is a small refrigerator and a microwave for students' use.

What grade levels do you serve?
We have classes for grades 1-12.

Can I just take private music lessons?

What is the volunteer requirement?
Each family is required to volunteer six hours during the school year. There is a variety of opportunities for parents and/or students including providing baked goods and setting up/cleaning up for events.

2018-2019 School Year

All courses offered are subject to minimum and maximum class size requirements set forth by each individual teacher. It is advisable to register early, not only to assure your child's spot in the class but also to avoid the risk that the class will be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Membership Fee - $54.00 per year per family paid to SCOPE. This non-refundable payment covers the cost of registration & administrative fees. Once your membership fees are paid & the completed membership form is turned in, you will be given authorization to register online via this website.

Family Service Commitment/Volunteer Fee – The $60 Volunteer fee per family per year is paid to SCOPE and due with your membership fee. Each family is asked to volunteer six hours each school year. If you complete all 6 hours, your $60 will be refunded. Families that fail to complete all 6 volunteer hours will not be reimbursed. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for both adults and students throughout the SCOPE year. Signup for volunteer times must be done via the SCOPE website by Monday, October 29th, 2018! See SCOPE Family Handbook for information.

Building Usage Fee – Each family pays $35 per year to Valley Baptist. This is paid with your membership, but with a check made out to Valley Baptist and post-dated September 10, 2018. This is given to the church as an in-kind donation for allowing us to use their facility.

Tuition/Course Fees – Each one hour/one semester course costs $85. Each one hour/full year course costs $170. Each 1½ hour/full year course costs $255. Writing classes have a higher tuition ($225 for Jr. and Sr. High classes; $200 for elementary classes) due to the extra time the teacher spends correcting papers, etc. Private music (½ hour) lessons are $285 per semester, except for piano which is $30 per half hour lesson. All tuition will be made payable to individual teachers but mailed to SCOPE!

Once SCOPE has received your membership form and fees, you will have access to the SCOPE website to register for classes and determine the tuition amounts that you owe to each teacher. Please write a check to each specific teacher for the correct amount, include a completed copy of the Class Fee Form, and mail to SCOPE, PO Box 814, Hudson, WI 54016 by August 1st!

If a class is canceled due to low enrollment, you will receive your payment back. If you choose to switch classes, all changes must be completed by August 1st to prevent a $25 penalty per class. If your student drops the class, you will NOT get a refund.

Please note that individual classes may require texts. Please see course descriptions for details. Before purchasing a textbook, please check with the teacher to see if he/she is doing a group order. In addition, sometimes there are families looking to sell textbooks at a lower price. Please also check the classified section of the SCOPE website!

If you are a brand-new family to SCOPE, registering after August 1st, you do not pay the $25 penalty. However, we ask that you register as soon as possible. All other rules/guidelines apply as for any SCOPE family. Thank you.

                                               Updated 3/2018



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Family Night (First Semester)
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