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Volunteer Agreement

I agree to work as a volunteer for Trinity Homeschool Enrichment of Hunt County (hereinafter referred to as "Trinity") and do so of my own free will. As a volunteer I am not an employee or agent of Trinity. I understand this role does not include compensation or payment of any kind. Furthermore, I acknowledge that Trinity does not offer health insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, or any such employee benefit to volunteers. As a volunteer I agree to maintain my own health insurance during my time as a volunteer for Trinity.


Risk Agreement

I fully recognize and accept that volunteering has risks and unforeseen dangers (such risks could be, but are not limited to: mental/emotional stress or physical injury). I understand and accept I may be asked to volunteer in various roles such as teacher, helper, cleaner, nursery worker, floater or other duty that best serves Trinity. I understand I have the right to review each activity prior to my participation and choose to participate of my own free will. I have read and understand Trinity’s policies and guidelines, bylaws, and statement of faith. I pledge to act and perform within those expectations.


Waiver, release, hold harmless, and indemnification agreement:

I acknowledge that Trinity does not guarantee safety. I voluntarily waive, release, and hold harmless Trinity, its board, employees, agents, the church and its staff, and other volunteers from all claims, accidents, injuries, or death that result from actions related to my volunteer activities. I understand that this document disqualifies me from recovering damages against Trinity should I be injured in the course of my duties. I shall defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Trinity, its board, employees, agents, church and its staff, and other volunteers from and against all claims, accusations, notices, judgments, rulings, liabilities, expenses, etc. that may exist as a result of my actions, inactions, errors, acts, or omissions.