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Possible Classes

(updated 5/10/22)

Here's a sneak peek at classes we may offer for the upcoming semester. 

Why is it only a sneek peek?  Because the schedule is a "work in progress" until after the application period ends on July 31.  We must wait until all class ideas are submitted before finalizing schedule.  Some of the classes you see listed may move to a new grade or not be offered at all.  

Are these all the classes you'll have?  No. We'll update the list as we receive ideas from new applicants. Don't panic if grade levels are lacking classes. We have several parents who wait until the end to "fill in the gaps."

How much do classes cost?  We strive to be low-cost, but teachers may need to charge a fee to cover supplies. Cost varies from usually  $0 - $20 (science, cooking & art typically cost the most). The class fee is paid one-time, not monthly. We also charge a $35 per semester family membership fee. 



Students will have hands-on learning activities for their age level. Class fees are usually no more than $5 total for preschool-kindergarten students.

  1st - 3rd GRADE  

  • Lego  $0
  • PE  $0
  • Storybook Art  $12

  4th-6th GRADE  

  • PE Games  $0
  • Science Labs $10
  • History, possibly Texas

  7th-12th GRADE  

  • Teen Time (games)  $0
  • Biology Labs w/ dissection  $15