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What Does Bible Based Mean to Us?

When our group was founded, we wanted to be a place where anyone felt welcome. Some people are looking for "secular" and others want "Christian," but those words can mean different things to people. It's difficult to accomodate so many diverse worldviews. In the end, we settled on calling ourselves "bible-based."  But what does that mean?  

It means we allow parents the freedom to teach classes about almost anything, including bible topics. If a bible topic class is offered, an alternate, non-bible class will also be offered to students. With people having so many different views, we are mindful about what one parent finds acceptable, another parent may not. Therefore, we avoid offering classes that may contain questionable or controversial material. Something else to know is we do the pledge to American flag and a prayer during morning assembly. 

We do not have a statement of faith, but do have the following guidelines.  

  1. We are all imperfect people, so offer patience, kindness and grace to others. In other words, let's all get along. 
  2. For bible topic classes, God means the person of the Christian bible and the bible is considered God's Word.
  3. Parents are ultimately responsibile for the training and teaching of their own children.
    • Classroom discussion is NOT allowed on these topics: 1) specific religions/denominations (except for historical purposes), 2) time and mode of baptism, 3) time and mode of salvation, 4) church doctrine or authority 
    • Marriage is between one man and one woman. We realize other relationships exist, but feel it's a parents place to educate their children about these relationships.