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What Does Bible Based Mean to Us?

When our group was founded, we wanted to be a place where everyone felt welcome. Some people are looking for "secular" and others want "Christian," but those words can mean different things to people. It's difficult to accomodate so many diverse worldviews. In the end, we settled on calling ourselves "bible-based."  But what does that mean? 

The primary reason we say "bible-based" is to allow parents the freedom to teach about almost anything, including bible topics. If a class will have bible/God discussion, we will offer an alternate, non-bible class against it. We also say pledge and prayer at morning assembly.

It's tough deciding "should we allow this or that" when developing policies.  We want people to feel co-op is a "non-judgy" zone, but also need some rules in place. The following guidelines were created because we feel you, as the parent, are the primary educator of your child. With so many varying views, some topics are better left to the parent to teach.  Some topics we do not allow in the classroom are:  

  • Controversial topics that could lead to discord.  If your class idea might be questionable, leadership will discuss it with you before deciding whether to offer it. 
  • Specific religion or denominational beliefs except for historical purposes.  Example: Greek & Roman gods, mythology 
  • Marriage outside of one man and one woman. We realize other relationships exist, but feel parents should educate their children about it.