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Board Nominations

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Nominations close Friday, March 27. To be eligible, a member must be in good standing in the co-op for one (1) year.  While we ask you plan to put in two years on the board, we understand unexpected life circumstances may happen, so it's okay to step down early, if needed.  

BENEFITS OF SERVING: You don't get paid, but you do earn two teaching credits which means you do not have to teach a class. You'll also form bonds with your fellow board members -- it may be extra work, but we have FUN!

EXPECTATIONS: It's not a huge time commitment, but you will go "above and beyond" just attending co-op on Fridays. You can get better job descriptions by clicking here to view bylaws (View Article IV, Section 5) Here are some general expectations:

  1. Attend board meetings (only meet about 2-4 times a year)

  2. Willing to participate in group chats

  3. Arrive 30 minutes early to co-op to help setup or stay 30 minutes late for clean-up. 

  4. Understand that co-op has busy seasons. We do more when co-op is in session, but during off-times there isn't much to do.

  5. Be a team player! While each board member has certain duties, we are all flexible and work together!


Director ("Firefighter" - helps people & puts out fires)

Incumbent: Colleen Smith


Assistant Director (also a "firefighter")



Secretary ("Police Person" - makes sure we follow rules & does paperwork)

Incumbent: Tanya Cummings


Treasurer ("The Bank" - money, money!)



Events Coordinator ("Party Person" - plans all the fun stuff)