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How to Register for Agape Events

All registrations for Agape events are made either through the Agape calendar by clicking on the event itself listed there.  Each event that requires a sign up will have a link at the bottom of the event description, "Click here to Sign Up" (if you don't see this link, then registration is not required).  This will take you through a 3-step process to provide all the information that we need to facilitate your registration.  Notice the other links in this same place:  "Click here to Cancel an existing Sign Up" and "Click here to contact the event coordinator."  This is where you would come to take care of cancellations or other questions that may come up.

Registration Process

  • Step 1--Contact Information/Number Attending:  This is where you enter your contact information.  If you're an Agape member, some of your information will be automatically populated here.  At the bottom there is a place to enter the "Number Attending."  This part can be tricky, but pay close attention to the instructions and information from the event and you should be able to figure this out.  The Number Attending should be the number of admissions that need to be paid for and/or counted.  For example, if an event requires payment for attending students only, then you wouldn't include yourself in the Number Attending.  If an event needs to be paid "per person," then you would count yourself since you would need to pay admission along with your students.  It is important to track an accurate Number Attending since many of our events have a maximum capacity and we want to make sure we don't turn anyone away on a misunderstanding of space available. Again, read the event description and instructions very carefully.  Finish up Step 1 and click CONTINUE.
  • Step 2--Names of Participants/Registration:  This is the step where you list the names of the participants in the event.  Again, according to the Number Attending that you listed in Step 1, there will be that many fields to list the names of the participants.  Whether you include yourself here in addition to your students will depend on the instructions for the event.  There will be times (not always) when admission prices vary depending on age or participation level.  This is where you will make that selection from a drop down list.
  • Step 3--Confirmation of Entries:  This is where you confirm your entries for the event to make sure everything is correct (spelling, contact info, etc.).  When you're satisfied that all are correct, click on FINISH.
  • Final Step--Last Page:  Final confirmation and further reminders are on this last page.  Be sure to read all instructions and information on this page.  There is also a yellow link to PayPal that says, "Add To Cart."  Click on this link if you're ready to pay for the event through PayPal. This link will take you to a payment "cart" and you will need to verify that all the quantities are correct before finishing your PayPal transaction. (If you're ordering 3 tickets, make sure the quantity in the "cart" is 3.)  Payments that are going to be made via personal check, skip over the yellow PayPal link.  Your check must be received within 72 hours in order for your reservation to be confirmed. Delaying payment will result in the cancellation of your sign up (see Fee$ for mailing address for Agape).

Once, and not until, your payment is received (if required) your registration will be complete.  Any payments arriving after the deadline or not at all will result in the forfeiture of your registration for that event.  Anyone using a personal check for a payment method needs to make sure the check is mailed in time for it to arrive within 72 hours of your registration.

Members' event reservations can be viewed on their member home page under "My Event Sign-Ups" on the right-hand side of the screen.  This space will also show the status of your payment so you can track when it arrives to us.  Again, an event sign-up is not complete until payment is satisfied.