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One-on-One Advising

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Over the years, we have identified a very real need to be available to sit down face-to-face with homeschooling parents and offer suggestions/answers to their most pressing homeschooling questions.  Homeschooling is an extremely personal and unique experience for each family.  This fact means that "cookie-cutter" answers many times do not offer specific enough information to be beneficial.  In an effort to be the most helpful to the homeschooling community, we are offering the following services to homeschooling families:

  1. Face-to-face private appointments with homeschool parents: Potential topics of discussion for one-on-one sessions:
    1. Getting started for new/potential homeschoolers
    2. Curriculum choice assistance
    3. School progress tracking
    4. Accountability partnerships
    5. Standardized testing reviews
  2. Custom lesson scheduling:  This service is for those that may struggle with how to pace their curriculum each year to meet the goals they set for their students.  We take your curriculum and customize a schedule that meets your family's expectations.
  3. Transcript assistance/service:  Many homeschoolers are intimidated by having to provide high school transcripts to colleges or other institutions.  Let us help you as you make your own or let us make one for you.

One-on-One Advising Services are available at the following rates: 

  • $10 per half hour for face-to-face appointments w/one advisor
  • $15 per half hour for face-to-face appointments w/both advisors
  • $50 per subject for curriculum scheduling (Max. $250) 
  • $100 flat fee for transcript preparation

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Help with getting started Help with choosing curriculum
Help with checking the success of my curriculum Help with tracking the progress of my student
Help with tracking the progress of my school Help with accountability
Help with understanding testing results Using the curriculum scheduling service
Help with making my own transcript Using the transcript service

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