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Performance Arts Parents are required to sign a Fine Art Class Parental Agreement Form.  Failure to do so will jeopardize your students participation in Performance Art Classes.  If you failed to sign this form during the membership process, you can find it here.

Gifts You Can Sew (1st semester focus) & "Stuff it" (2nd semester focus)-- Grades 4th and up (FULL YEAR)                        

Teacher: Sharon Francis

Join us for an exciting course in sewing. We will focus on making small sewing projects that can be used as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. Students will learn how to operate a sewing machine as well as acquire hand stitching skills. Using current trends in sewing, students will complete a variety of one of a kind items. Projects will start with basic items like coasters, pillowcase, and fabric basket. We will then advance to more complicated projects with zippers and learn new techniques. This class is appropriate for beginner and advanced students. Let’s create some unique gifts together!!  Projects for "Stuff It" will consists of  sock puppets, animals, balls and a pin cushion.

Annual Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester $300/$40



Not Offered 2022-2023

Pajama Pants Plus-- grades 3rd and up                               

Teacher:  Mrs. Sharon Francis

In this class we will learn the skill of reading a printed pattern and constructing pajama pants.  For garment construction, students really need to know how to use a store bought pattern.  Students will explore fabrics and decide on their unique fabric for their pants.  Skills include learning how to read a pattern, pattern layout, cutting a pattern, and constructing a garment.  Students will also learn how to measure themselves in order to determine the correct pattern size.  If time permits, we may make a pillow case or stuffed animal to accent their pajama pants.  Join us for all the fun!

Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester $150/$20


Bags and Beyond-- grades 3rd and up                                

Teacher:  Mrs. Sharon Francis

This new course will use basic sewing techniques to create one of a kind bags and beyond.  Students will make small items like a coin purse, wallet, and other items at the beginning of the session.  We will move on to more challenging projects like a lunch bag, purse, and other bags.  Skills learned will include sewing seams, inserting a zipper, linings, and more.  Many of the items would be great as gifts.  Please join us for this new and exciting adventure.

Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester $150/$20


Embroidery I-- Grades 3rd and up                         

Teacher:  Mrs. Sharon Francis

Students will learn different embroidery stitches in order to create a one of a kind heirloom.  We will learn stem stitch, french knots, lazy daisy and several others.  Using a printed fabric and embroidery floss, students will outline  and "paint" somewhat old fashioned pictures on to the cloth.  Near the end of the class, students will assemble their finished pictures into their choice of pillows, wall hanging, or table runner.  We will do basic quilt assembly in order to finish the project.  Samples are available to preview in my sewing classroom.

Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester $150/$20


Silk Embroidery -- Grades 3rd & up 

Teacher:  Mrs. Sharon Francis

Please join us for a new class in embroidery.  We will explore unique stitches, start new projects, and improve on our hand stitching skills.  This semester, we plan to explore silk ribbon embroidery.  Silk-ribbon embroidery is a romantic, old art that uses ribbon, embroidery floss, and perle cotton to work beautiful floral motifs and decorative stitch patterns by hand on garments and accessories. There are many different embroidery stitches, but we will concentrate on five basic stitches, used alone or in various combinations, to create beautiful floral motifs and stitch patterns. The ribbon stitch is for ribbon only, but the lazy daisy, straight stitch, French knots, and stem stitch can be made with ribbon or thread. Try them, and you'll see that the ribbon produces a different effect with each stitch.  Please join us for this peaceful and enjoyable class.  No experience needed.  All skill levels are welcome.

Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester: $150/$20


Accessories- Grades 3rd and Up  (FALL ONLY)

Teacher:  Sharon Francis

Join us for an exciting course in sewing.  We will focus on accessories to coordinate your outfit and highlight stylish trends.  Students will complete sewing projects of a slouch hat, bombardier hat, button scarf, fingerless gloves and other accent pieces.  As a bonus, students will be able to make these items as gifts for their family and friends.   This class is appropriate for beginner and advanced students.  We will review basic sewing skills and learn new techniques.  Let’s sew together!!  Grades 3 and up.

Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester $150/$20


Quilting-Grades 3rd and Up (SPRING Only)

Have you ever wanted to make a quilt?  Join us for an exciting adventure in quilting.  Students will complete four different quilt block and then assemble them into a wall hanging.  We will tackle cutting, applique, piecing, accurate sewing, sashing, borders, and binding.  Students will choose their fabrics to fit their style and preferences.   Quilting has become one of the most popular hobbies.  Join the fun and create something beautiful.  Grades 3 and up.

Tuition and Class Fee Per Semester $150/$20


Clothing Design and Construction I--Grades 7th and up 

In this 12 week course, students will learn how to take a clothing idea and turn it into an outfit.  They will learn proper design terminology, pattern drafting, and fitting and detailing a garment from paper to person. They will complete one sewing project per semester. They may take the course for more than one semester so that they may learn how to make another sewing project from paper to person. Student must bring their own sewing machine.
Prerequisites: Must know some sewing terminology and sewing skills, know how to use a pattern, be interested in unique creativity,
and drawing and imagination required.  
Supply list:
sewing machine
pins with cushion
measuring tape
straight edge
36" French curve


SEWING BASICS - Grades 3rd and up                                        

Teacher: Sharon Francis

The talented Mrs. Francis will lead her pupils in the fine art of sewing. Students will learn all of the necessary techniques to complete basic sewing functions. 


Beginning Sewing - GRADES 3rd and Up

Teacher:  Sharon Francis

Full Year Course

Are you new to sewing?  In this class, students will gain confidence in the basics of hand sewing and progress onto working with a sewing machine.   Students will learn to sew on buttons, a hair scrunchy, fabric yo-yo, table runner, cup coasters, pillowcase, book bag and more.  Many of the items can be made as gifts for friends and family.  Learning to sew is not only fun, but a very important and useful life skill.  Learn something new...learn to sew!!   New projects will be taught each semester.   Grades 3 and up.

Annual Tuition  $240

Annual Class Fees $40 ($20/$20)