August Newsletter


We are preparing for another year at HELP Homeschool. We want to welcome everyone!

We would also like to extend a thank you to Milford Christian Church for allowing us the use of their facility again this year.

We use the foyer entrance doors in the back of the church building. So as everyone pulls into the parking lot please bear to your left and go around to the back and you will see a circle area. These are the doors that we enter through. Once inside we have a check in table where each child will need to be signed in and out each week. On that table is bins with a folder for each family that will contain the child’s name badge and any other important papers we need to pass out. Please check each week for anything that maybe in there. We do use email as our main source of communication. So please check your email regularly. Thank You!


We need each child to wear their name badge the entire time that they are at HELP. Upon leaving please return them to the family file folder for your family. We use this as our way of monitoring the coming and going of students. If anyone else is picking up a child besides their parent please let whichever leader is at the welcome/sign-in table know and who will be picking up that child.


PARENTS PLEASE EXPLAIN TO YOUR CHILD THAT THEY ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ROAM AROUND THE CHURCH. THEY ARE EITHER IN THEIR CLASS AND IF NOT IN CLASS THEY ARE TO BE IN THE BREAKROOM, STUDYHALL, OR LUNCHROOM UNTIL THEIR PARENT ARRIVES TO PICK THEM UP. PARENTS WE NEED YOU TO PROMPTLY PICK-UP YOUR CHILD AFTER THEIR LAST CLASS. After signing out, please check with your child that they have everything. We seem to get an accumulation of water bottles and lunch boxes over the course of the semester. If you find that your child did leave something after you have gotten home, please call one of us leaders. Do not contact the church. They do not know anything about what we find, as we are cleaning after classes are over.


ALL FOOD NEEDS TO BE EATEN IN THE LUNCHROOM. Please send simple things for lunch. We are not to use the kitchen at the church. This includes the microwave. WE ARE A NUT FREE ZONE. There are some students in the program who are highly allergic. The lunchroom is also shared with a class that is going on simultaneously. We need everyone to eat in silence in the lunchroom and then upon completion they can go to the break room to socialize. We appreciate everyone’s understanding on this matter.

We ask that everyone arrive 15-20 minutes early the first day of classes to pay any remaining balance that they may have due, to get signed in, and to find their classrooms. There will be maps at the check in table to assist finding your classrooms. We have each child’s day routed on our attendance sheets, but it would be a great idea if each parent writes down their child’s schedule so that child knows also. We have helpers in the younger kids classrooms to help assist with this also.



Each child needs to have some sort of book bag to carry their things, a notebook, and writing utensil and eraser.

Any student in art class needs to go to our website for their supply list.

Any student in Junior High or High School courses, as well as, Junior Literature and middle elementary Mystery of History courses need to check our website course descriptions to order any required texts or books if you have not done this already.

If teachers need any other specifics they will email you or send a list home the first day of class.


INCLEMENT WEATHER DAYS: We will send by our HELP Homeschool email if we need to cancel classes due to inclement weather or any other reason we would not be able to use the facility. Please check emails on Tuesday and Wednesday morning for these types of emails.



We always collect Boxtops for Education. Please bring them in and place them in the bin at the check in table.

We will continue to do the Carabello coffee fundraiser. We will be sending out an email about this.

We will continue our pizza fundraiser on one Wednesday of each month. We will email more on this later.


CLOTHING: We ask that everyone dresses modestly, no short shorts, low cut or halter tops, or anything that has distasteful sayings. We ask that gentlemen do not wear hats in the church.


FALL AND SPRING PERFORMANCE NIGHT: Please plan on attending our performance night and art show in the fall and spring. Everyone is invited. More details will come later.


If you have any further questions please feel free to ask Barb, Gwyn, Julie, or Judy. We look forward to seeing everyone on September 6th.


In Him, Barb Woeste, Gwyn Stout, Julie Brooks, and Judy Young