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2022-2023 registration will open April 7, 2022 @ 9:00am for existing families.
New family registration will open April 21, 2022 @ 9:00am
Please make sure ALL FORMS are complete prior to registration opening.

2022-2023 Schedule Information

2022-2023 Schedule

Important 2022-2023 Schedule Information

**Musical Theaters have flipped times.  Please note that Sr. Theater will meet at 1:00 and Jr. Theater at 2:15 

**Sewing, Photography, Robotics/K’nex, Ohio History/US States will now be a 1-year long course.  We no longer have 1 semester courses. 

**We are excited to be able to offer Sign Language and Interpretive Signing to Music course again this year. It will be offered by Mrs. Foster from 1:00-2:15 for our 4th-8th grade students.50 

**HELP will be offering 2 virtual classes on Tuesday mornings next year. We recognize that with families wanting or needing to travel more that this might be an option that they want to help meet their homeschooling need for the subjects we are offering virtual. We are also aware of the rising gas prices and the need for families to get all the academic needs of their student met. With so many options available at a one day a week program, sometimes it is quite difficult to get all the classes that they want in one day, but don’t necessarily want to have to drive a second day to attend classes to meet their academic needs. By offering these virtual classes, parents and families may be able to access all the classes that they need through 1 program. The two classes that will be offered will be using the curriculum Exploring American History by Notgrass. We will be offering American History and Composition & Literature. These may be taken together or individually. These two classes will offer a more holistic approach to history and literature working through multiple disciplines. Each class will fulfill the 1-year credit needed for high school transcripts. Descriptions can be found online. 

**When reading our class descriptions, you may notice that our prices have increased slightly.  With the higher prices of everyday goods on the rise, we felt strongly that our teachers needed a slight raise as well to help make ends meet.  This along with an increase in our insurance liability cost led to the increased dollar amounts.  However, we tried to increase the fees by as little as possible.