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Homeschool Support Groups - State and National
Home School Legal Defense Association
The Home School Legal Defense Association is a non-profit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.
Homeschool Support Groups - State and National
Texas Home School Coalition
THSC responds to thousands of telephone calls and e-mails each year from new home educators and people with questions relating to home schooling in Texas. The Coalition also connects people with local and regional support groups in their areas.
Homeschool Support Groups - State and National
Texas Home Educators
The place to start your search for homeschool information.

Welcome to GCCHS!

Welcome to GCCHS 2017-2018

GCCHS is a great place for meeting other homeschooling families, making friends, sharing information, and attending fun events. We want to be a source of encouragement for you and your family on your homeschooling journey. 

GCCHS offers a variety of activities for you and your family.  During the school year we have events scheduled almost every day of the week!  We offer something for everyone.  An example of some of the types of events we offer:

  • Big Events (Expo, Prom, Graduation)

  • Parkdays (dodgeball/nerf wars/kickball)

  • Classes (PE, Microsoft, Programming, Starbase, Child Developement, etc.)

  • Clubs (Lego Robotics, Student Council)

  • Family Night Events

  • Holiday Parties

  • Mom's Nights Out

  • Field Trips (Downtown Aquarium, HMNS, Moody Gardens, and much, much, more!!!)

While the leadership of this group agrees to a statement of faith prior to serving, and agrees to make their decisions for the group based upon it;  we do not exclude any family that desires to join our group, regardless of spiritual background.

Our membership year runs in concurrence with the regular school year.

Our open enrollment for new members will be January 5th - 15th, 2018. 
We will have a second open enrollment for new members August 1-20, 2018.
Dues are $45 for the year for new members.  

Joining GCCHS
If you would like information on how to join our group, click on the "registration/renewal" tab at the top of the website, and read the New Member Information page.  If you decide you would like to join us, please click the group icon on the top right of the page and fill out the form.

Our group is run completely by volunteers.  
Please be patient with us if there is any delay in processing your application.  
If your application isn't approved within 30 days please check the following:

  • Did you submit your application using the button at the top of this screen?
  • Did you click to acknowledge the liability waiver on your application?
  • Did you pay your dues either by check or via PayPal?

If you have checked all of the following, please email us at gcchspayments@gmail.com and we can work together to find the solution.