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2024 Prom - Non-TACHE

Add to Your Calendar: 04/12/2024 19:00 04/12/2024 22:30 America/Chicago 2024 Prom - Non-TACHE 2024 Prom - Non-TACHE The Ranch
10495 County Road 2167
Whitehouse, TX 75791
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Date – Time

April 12th – 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM


The Ranch
10495 County Road 2167
Whitehouse, TX 75791

Additional Information

2024 Prom Celebration

Prom Invitation

Prom 2024 Attendance Agreement

TACHE Old Hollywood Prom 2024

Timeline:  To facilitate a smooth check-in, please arrive at your designated time. If you are riding with an upperclassman you may arrive at their time. Please check in at the ticket booth. After check-in, we will assemble at a designated location for Senior photos.

·  6:30 Seniors arrive

·  7:00 Juniors, Sophomores, & Freshmen arrive

·  7:00-10:30 Prom


Safety Protocols:

                  - Once you enter the building, as in previous years, participants will remain inside until leaving. 

                  - Participants that need to go out to their car will be accompanied by a chaperone.

                  - No outside food or drink allowed


THERE WILL NOT BE A MEAL THIS YEAR – so please eat before you come. There will be finger foods, drinks, and the Red Carpet Candy Bar.


Dress Code Reminders: 

Formal attire is required. If you arrive at Prom and it is deemed that your attire does not follow the dress code, you may be asked to go home and change, or a covering will be provided to wear under/over your dress.  Please do not violate the dress code. There will be several checks during the evening to ensure that everyone stays in dress code.


Gentlemen:  A tuxedo or dress suit, for example: dress pants with a long-sleeved, button-up, collared shirt, a necktie (bow ties and Western Bolos are acceptable), and a Coat OR Vest are required. Clean closed-toed shoes will be required.  No denim pants. (See Dress code for diagram and further details)


Ladies:  Gowns are required and must be modest. Long gowns are encouraged.  All dresses must touch the top of the knee with slits no higher than the top of the knee. Your gown should reveal no cleavage in the front nor excessive skin in the back. As a guide, if a string were to be wrapped directly under your armpits and straight across the front, no skin should show below that line (see diagram).  When standing up straight with your arms by your side, no skin should touch skin. Side or front cutouts in the dresses are not permitted. Backless dresses must be no lower than the natural waistline (smallest part of your torso).  Fabric covering the areas between the imaginary string line at the top (mentioned above) and the knee at the bottom must NOT be see-through. (See Dress code for diagram and further details)

It is your responsibility as a member of TACHE or a homeschooled student to pass the dress code details to your dates and any guests that you invite.

No Paper Tickets

No paper tickets will be issued

At prom, we can look up your ticket when you check in if you don't have a smartphone.

Ticket Availability

We encourage families to purchase their tickets the day ticket sales open because tickets have historically sold out very quickly.


Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Romans 12:2a

Respectful and Courteous Behavior is Expected and Required

The TACHE Prom requires all participants, both students and adults, to conduct themselves in a proper and decorous manner at all prom functions, including workdays and dance lessons. Participants are expected to treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times.

Keep Social Media Posts Respectful

Avoid threats, bullying, sexting, or other inappropriate social media posts. These are a violation of our code of conduct and may prevent you from attending prom.

Maintain Dress Code All Evening

It should go without saying, but your attire should remain in dress code all evening. Violation of dress code, including removing any fixes, will result in your removal from prom. Photos taken by TACHE Photography Team will not be posted to our photo site if students in a given photo are not in dress code.

Avoid Public Displays of Affection

Kissing, caressing, or extended embracing are not appropriate at prom events. Sitting on each others' laps is likewise unacceptable. Both students and adult volunteers are expected to adhere to this standard. The dining area, activity areas, and dance floor are all considered public spaces and as such, students and adults shall refrain from public displays of affection. Failure to refrain is grounds for dismissal from prom.

Keep Dancing Clean

Avoid body against body dancing and movements which could be considered provocative such as groping, dirty dancing, or twerking. Moshing and body surfing are not allowed.

Before 9 PM, Attendees May Leave Prom Only with a Security Team Member

Did you leave something in your car? Teams of adults, acting as our Security Team are available all evening to walk students to their car and back to prom. Unfortunately, if you choose to leave unescorted, you will not be allowed back into prom. Any student who wishes to leave prior to 9PM will have their parents contacted prior to being released.

No Smoking

Smoking, chewing tobacco, e-cigs, and vaping are not allowed.

No Drinking

Consumption of alcoholic beverages at prom events is not allowed.

No Illegal Drugs

Enough said.

It Doesn't Happen Often, But...

Code of Conduct violations, including disrespectful or violent behavior, may result in expulsion from the event. TACHE reserves the right to respond to any violation by prohibiting the violator(s) from attending any future prom events, including prom itself. Please send questions to our Prom Committee at PetaJoules@gmail.com

See you Friday, April 12th!


Signup is currently closed.

The Signup Deadline for this event was 4/10/2024 – 9:20 AM CST

Email the Event Coordinator – Petajoules@gmail.com