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2018 Fall Dance Guidelines

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1. Read the Guidelines below.

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Code of Conduct & Dress Code


The HCS Fall Harvest Dance Committee wishes to express our heart’s desire for each student

attending the Dance to have a wholesome evening of fun and fellowship, while

ensuring that God is glorifed and honored. These guidelines are not meant to

burden, but rather to set boundaries that will allow all to enjoy the freedom we

have in Christ.


If you have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Taylor (334-797-2846) or

Rosana Burnett (334-475-0881).


Codes of Conduct


Please read the following:


1. Public displays of affection are not permitted. This includes kissing,

caressing, extended embracing, sitting on laps of opposites sex, etc.

2. Dance etiquette is expected. This means no provocative movements of any

kind. While slow dancing, please keep appropriate distance between dance

partners. Leave room for Jesus please.

3. All students must remain in the building until the conclusion of the dance unless

their parents give PRIOR permission for them to leave early. Once a student

leaves the building, he/she will not be allowed to re-enter.

4. No alcohol, drugs, or weapons of any kind will be permitted.

5. Attendees must be between the ages of 14-19 and if attending as a date

couples must be of the opposite sex.




All Students:

• Undergarments must be covered

• Clothing must be free of any symbols or words

• Any body piercings must be removed except for girls earrings (clear spacers


• Tennis shoes may not be worn


Young Men:

• Collared, button up shirt or better required.

• Neck tie, bow tie, or bola are required

• Dress pants or slacks

• No jeans 


Young Ladies:

• Sunday Dress attire is required and expected to be modest. Please consider

Christ when selecting a dress.

• Cocktail or Tea length dresses are acceptable. Short dresses

must sit at the top of the knee or lower.

• No slits, No Pant Suits

• Neckline must cover the chest so that no cleavage is showing.

• Strapless gowns are acceptable. (Remember, you will be moving around.

Make sure your dress will stay in place!)

• Backs of dresses may be no lower than the bottom of the shoulder blades.

Midriffs must be covered, even when arms are raised. No see-through cut


• Fitted dresses are acceptable as long as they are not too tight. (Once again,

remember you will be dancing. You will want to be able to move!)

Dress Approval


Girls must submit a picture of themselves wearing their

dress. Any questionable feature should also be included in the photo. No student

whose dress has not been approved will be allowed to attend the dance. Email dress

photos to etaylor@hcsdothan.org or kim bradshaw (kimbradshaw@yahoo.com). Please put student name in the subject line of the email.


HCS reserves the right to deny entrance to any student, male or female, whose

attire does not meet the above stated requirements.


HCS Harvest Fall Dance Conduct and Dress Code Guidelines

  • I have read, understand and agree to the HCS Harvest Fall Dance Code of Conduct and

Dress Code. I will submit a picture of my dress (in applicable) and make

appropriate alterations if necessary.

  • I understand that on the night of the Harvest Fall Dance, I am to wear the same attire that

was approved.

  • I understand if my attire does not meet the HCS Harvest Fall Dance Guidelines on the

night of the event, I will not be permitted to attend.

  • I understand that if my behavior does not follow the Code of Conduct my

parent will be asked to come pick me up and I will not the allowed to return

to Harvest Fall Dance.


By checking this box I affirm that I have read the guidelines and will adhere to them.(You must agree to continue to the registration form) (When filling out the Captcha the letters are case sensitive and are usually all uppercase)

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