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Frequently Asked Questions

Chipola Home Educators welcomes all your questions. We desire to be a blessing to your family. Below find the most common questions that new members want to know. If you still need answers send an email to .


What does CHE provide for members?

Support, friendship for kids and moms, advice, resource sharing, idea sharing, the occasional recipe, and much laughter.


What doesn’t CHE provide for members?

Curriculum, record keeping, liaison services between CHE and the Jackson County School Board or CHE and the Florida Department of Education.


What do you DO for the kids?

We have monthly field trips, activity days, Mom's Night Out Bible Study and park days. We also offer co-op classes from time to time. All activities depend upon parents availability to help.


What do you DO for the moms?

We have a monthly Mom's Night Out Bible Study, discussion forums on the website, and a Facebook private group. All are available to encourage communication and encouragement.


What kind of field trips do you take?

Some of the places we’ve visited are:

Magnet Lab in Tallahassee

Gulf Marine Specimen Lab in Wakulla County

Jackson County Courthouse

Marianna Post Office

Regions Bank

BASF Attapulgite Mine near Quincy

Bonsai Nursery

Florida Museum of Natural History

CiCi’s Pizza in Dothan

Waste Management


What if I’m still not sure about joining CHE?

Send us an email. We’ll make sure you’re invited to our next function. That way you can come meet us and see if we’re a good fit for your family.