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What does it cost to Join CFA and what is included?

How much does it cost to join CFA?

While there are no fees paid to teachers for teaching the classes, there will be supply fees to cover teaching supplies. 

The supply fees for the 2019-2020 year are $150 per student.

  • To enter Pre-K, the child must be 4 yrs old by Sep.1st and be potty trained when school starts
  • To register to Group A, the child must be 5 yrs old by Sep.1st, and know how to say and write full alphabet and numbers 1-30
  • Groups F-H class content is generally Jr.High
  • Groups I and above class content is High School level material

In addition to supply fees, there will be a yearly fee per family of $150 to cover facility and admin costs.

Included in the supply fee are:

    4 classes each week for 30 weeks 

  • 4  core classes that 1 hour 45 minutes in length
  • Supplies (classroom, teacher, and science labs)
  • Excellent teachers (moms) chosen to teach classes they are best gifted in
  • Weekly structure planned out for you
  • Quality curriculum chosen to make decision-making easier and to unify the community
  • Access to training and mentoring via members-only website and community meetings

How do we share the burden?

    Our teachers are most often the parents of the students and are all volunteering their time and sharing their gifts with others again allowing the costs to remain low.

     You must be willing to teach 1-2 classes and help in other classes to participate in co-op, as well as participate in set-up, clean-up (after last class) and recess monitor duties.  We will try to place you in requested area, but cannot guarantee it.   Parents are required to stay on campus at all times with children. 


     Curriculum is not included. Parents are responsible for purchasing any curriculum needed or recommended by the program.

     At CFA, we aim to structure our program so that families are working at the same pace, studying the same topics and subjects, sometimes from the same resources. Our Educational Team selects the curriculum to be used in each subject based on the same choosy, discriminating factors that you look for: biblical worldview, affordability, consumable vs. non-consumable, learning styles, age appropriateness, and much, much more.

     After enrolling in the program, families are given a list of texts and literature which will be used for each age group for the year. Besides required texts, optional and highly recommended materials may also listed. By sending this list out early enough, parents have plenty of time to either buy or borrow the materials being used.