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About Us

Mission Statement

Courageous Faith Academy exists to surround our children and ourselves with godly people while equipping “His children for works of service, so the body of Christ may be built up.”

Our goal is to work as a team to encourage, motivate, and hold accountable ourselves and our children to work hard and have high expectations in their learning and behavior.

Who are we? 

CFA began in 2014 and is a parent led/parent taught cooperative in that we all work together to teach high-quality classes from a Christian perspective that ultimately prepare our children for college and to be leaders in Christ.

Approximately 20 families are part of our home school ministry.  Some families have many children and others have one child; some have been home schooling for many years and others have only just started.

Class days for the 2019-2020 school year are Wednesday's from 8am-4pm at a church in Conroe, TX.  We begin with prayer, worship, and announcements then proceed into our classes (which include Math, Science, History, Literature, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Bible, Foreign Language and more).

Classes are available for all children (Infant thru 12th) and are determined by need and teacher availability.

What Makes Us Different than other Co-ops?

1.  We aim to provide a low cost full-curriculum co-op.

2.  Parents are teachers, teaching in areas they are gifted in or passionate about.

3.  We have high expectations for the students in character and school to create leaders in Christ.

4.  Students are able to graduate High School with the highest diploma plan geared toward any 4-year college.

About our Director

Our Director, Lori Stinebaugh, is married to Special Agent Jim Stinebaugh, who is a federal agent with Federal Wildlife Services.  They have 3 beautiful girls, Abby, Mary, and Sarah, who takes Elementary, Jr. High and High School level classes respectively.  Lori has a Bachelors in Math and a Masters in Curriculum from Texas A&M.  She taught High School Math in the public school system for 6 years and has tutored Math for the last 12 years. 

While teaching and tutoring, she identified gaps in children at the high school level that spurred a desire to help them succeed from the early ages.  She has written the Math curriculum that CFA uses for Kindergarten through Algebra 1.  As the Lead Curriculum Planner, Lori has scoped and sequenced age-appropriate curriculum in all subjects for Pre-K through 12th grade. 

As soon as you meet her, you will find out why she is a great leader.  Her love for God, the fellow moms and our children gives passion to what she does.  Her most famous quote, "It's going to be great!",  encourages the moms in this wonderful, but sometimes hard home schooling journey.