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Empowering Parents to take the lead in their children's education


Fields Family

“Leadership, comes out of the home, not from the outside looking in, not the world. The greatest youth program is the institution of family.” 
- Evangelist Ronald L. Fields, II

Evangelists Ronald Lee & Latasha H. Fields, II are the Overseers and Pastors of Our Report Ministries & Publications in Chicago, IL. Ronald and Latasha have been married for 15 years and are the blessed parents of two daughters, 24 and 5 and two sons 14 and 11! Evangelist Latasha is the State Coordinator of Illinois for, with B.A. in Business Administration from Trinity Christian College.

The Fields have been entrepreneurs-business owners for more than 18 years and have 14 years of homeschooling experience. The Fields graduated their oldest daughter from their homeschool academy (Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy) in 2014, after being homeschooled from 4th-12th grade.  She is a 2019 college graduate of the University of Bridgeport in CT with a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition.

God sent the Fields to Chicago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana October 2011 to continue their evangelistic work. The Fields preach and teach frequently to diverse groups about the gospel of Jesus Christ, personal stewardship, the erosion of conservative values, our God-given parental rights, re-affirming Biblical faith, marriage, life, and liberty in Christ Jesus.

The Fields has been serving and supporting families for over 15 years through their evangelistic outreach ministries and now in the city of Chicago and surrounding communities since 2012. They teach, facilitate and provide assistance and resources about home education, co-op educational and recreational opportunities, curriculum; pertinence parental rights issues and much more.

The Fields believes strongly in the Biblical concept of family. The Bible clearly teaches us how we should be teaching and guiding our children. The Book of Deuteronomy 6 commands us to “teach them diligently,” Proverbs 26:6 tells us to “train them up” and Isaiah 28 teaches us to impart “here a little and there a little” just to name a few. Parents have the God-given right to lay a sure foundation of Biblical training and structure in the life of ones’ child, not the world!