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Potty Training Policy

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Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy

Touch the Palate Preschool & Co-op Potty Training Policy

TTP Preschool is a faith?based preschool. We serve children from the ages of 2 1/2 to 5 years. In accepting younger children (under the age of 3), it’s important for parents to understand the need for all children to be potty trained. Your adherence to this policy helps ensure a positive first school experience for your child and the other children in their class. You must agree to the following for your child to be accepted at Touch the Palate Preschool.

Your potty trained child ...

· Will tell the teacher he/she needs to go the bathroom.

· Is able to go to the bathroom (either urinating or a bowel movement) on his/her own. This includes being able to remove clothing, sitting on the toilet, wiping himself/herself (without using an enormous amount of toilet paper), putting clothing back on, flushing the toilet, and washing and drying his/her hands.

· Is aware of the need to use the toilet without reminders from the teachers (although, teachers do make requests of children at various times of the day, for example, before or after meals, and before going out to the playground, etc.).

· Will not be in diapers or pullups at all. He/she must be in regular underwear.

Our school does not have the staffing to potty train our students. If a teacher is spending their time with potty training, then they are not able to work with your child and the other children in our routine daily activities. This is neither fair to your child or to the other children. Our staff is aware that accidents happen. That is why we ask you to keep a change of clothing at school. However, if your child has accidents every day they are in school, we do not consider your child to be potty trained.

If your child is ill and has diarrhea, they should be kept home until they have been episode free for 24 hours (see Parent Handbook under Health and Nutrition “Illnesses”).

I (we) have read and understand the policy of Touch the Palate Preschool on potty training and will comply with those requirements.