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CLASS Tutoring Program

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Ky’Ijel Group Christian Academy (KGCA) Complete Learning Academic Support Station (CLASS) Tutoring Program

Enrollment: To register your child for the CLASS program, a parent or guardian must complete the application form below and pay the $25 enrollment and administraive fee of $50 or $75.  Once the form is completed and payments received, you will receive a follow up phone call/email/text to schedule the assessment for student.  This process is very important as it allows us to create an individualized plan to help your child reach their academic goals.  Once enrollment and fees are processed and the diagnostic test is completed and assessed, you will be contacted to order curriculum prescription. 

K-5th Fees: 2021-2022 CLASS Program Fees: The administrative testing fee is $50 and tutoring is $15 per hour, per student. 

6-12th Fees: 2021-2022 CLASS Program Fees: The administrative testing fee is $75 and tutoring is $25 per hour, per student.

Curriculum Fee: $45-50 (includes 1st set of PACE books, estimated tax, and shipping). This fee will be ongoing for the duration of the program. You will be notified 1-2 weeks in advance when it is time to reorder PACE books. 

  • 2 Math PACE books
  • 2 English PACE books
  • 2 Word Building PACE books

Payment will be due prior to starting the testing and/or tutoring session. Payment are process through PayPal: Fees are subject to change.

Subjects Tested: KGCA goal is to help your child improve their academic skills in the four academic areas:

  • Math (Levels 1–9)
  • English (Levels 1–8)
  • Reading Comprehension (Levels 1–8)
  • Word Building (Levels 2–9)

Please note that the primary goal and focus of the CLASS tutoring program is to help your child strengthen his/her skills as identified through the assessment.

Students will use the ACE curriculum during tutoring sessions.  The CLASS tutoring program is not responsible for ensuring that a student’s homework is completed during the scheduled tutoring time.  Parents and students are fully responsible for ensuring that a student’s homework is completed.

Days and Hours for Testing/Tutoring: Sessions will occur bi-weekly on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 4-6 pm.

KGCA recognizes that there will be times when it is necessary for a student to miss a tutoring session. However, regular attendance is required in order to provide the most beneficial service. If the student is to be absent, please contact the KGCA office within 24 hours.  Frequent absences will result in termination from program.  If a student is absent twice without notification they will be dropped from the program.

The Role of Parents During Virtual Testing

  1. Provide a quiet and bright place to help reduce distractions while the student is testing.
  2. Student is required to log in to Zoom. 
  3. Student must have video camera on and capability to muted or unmuted during testing.
  4. Student is required to share their screen while testing.
  5. Student is required to stay on the ACE testing site and not switching screens during testing.
  6. Check on the student from time to time to be sure he is staying on task.
  7. Motivate and encourage the student to do their best. 

The Role of Supervisor during Virtual Testing

  1. The supervisor has the overall responsibility for the virtual testing, instructing and guiding the testing progress of each student.
  2. The supervisor will communicate with the parents briefly during or after virtual testing, if there is an issue that needs to be addressed, the parents and supervisor will work together to help the student.
  3. The supervisor will administer an assessment report once the student has completed all testing in all that subject matters.
  4. The supervisor will prescribed the proper academic level for student in each subject base off diagnostic test results
  5. The supervisor will contact the parent regarding the curriculum prescription by email.

Please complete the application below and click submit.  Once your application is submitted, you will be able to paid all fees and schedule your testing and sessions on Calendly. 

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Parent/guardian first and last Name

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Home phone 

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Cell phone

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Work phone

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Email address

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The best way to contact me is:

Cell home phone
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Emergency Contact (REQUIRED) 

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Emergency Contact Phone

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Parent/Guardian Agreement – Please check all boxes

I give Ky'Ijel Group Christian Academy permission and understand that I must follow, be fully responsible for and/or provide the following:

 (8 required)
Responsible for all fees and purchasing PACE books Provide my child's report card each grading period
Responsible for Zoom or transportation to program Understand sessions begin promptly at 4pm
Understand sessions ends promptly at 6pm I must communicate within 24 hours if absent
I maybe terminated if absent twice w/o notifying Tutoring is based on testing results, not homework
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Student's First and Last Name

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Student's Date of Birth

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Male Female
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School Attending

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Does your child have an IEP

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Please note any learning challenges that the tutor would need to know about to best assist your child.


 Additional Information that would be helpful in working with your child:

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Reading Word Building
Math English
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Reading English
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Class tutoring program will be offered on a bi-weekly bases on Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6pm. These times will be made as consistent as possible. However, it may be necessary for me to change days and times to meet family needs, ministry obligations or scheduling difficulties. If there is a change in schedule, you will be contacted within 24 hours of the scheduled tutoring session and the session will be rescheduled as quickly as possible.

If you should need to cancel a tutoring session, the same courtesy of a 24-hour notice must be given prior to canceling the scheduled tutoring session.  In the event of cancellation, payment is still required, but the session will be rescheduled.  If the tutoring session has not been cancelled and the student log in and/or arrives late, the remaining time in the session will be provided and payment for the full hour(s) is required.  

If the tutoring session has not been cancelled and the student misses the entire session, payment for the full hour will be processed and the session will not be rescheduled unless additional payment is made.  Please note that I will not make telephone calls or email to remind you of your tutoring times.  The calendar is provided well in advance to you and the responsibility to adhere to it is yours alone.  In the event of discontinuing tutoring completely, notice must be given 30 days prior to cancellation.  In the event of holidays, sessions will always be rescheduled.  The number of monthly tutoring sessions will always correspond with the number of weeks in that month. (Five week months = five sessions, etc.)

If the student is ill or injury, the day of scedule tutoring session, the session will be rescheduled at no extra charge. If the session cannot be rescheduled, the next month’s payment will be prorated.

Payment is required on the Monday before your schedule diagnostic testing and/or tutoring sessions begins.  

If a tutoring or testing session has been missed, the payment has already been made, then session will be rescheduled.  Tutoring or testing will not begin if payment is not pay on the Monday before the tutoring or testing sesssion.  Student will not be log in to Zoom or allowed to come the tutoring session that day, if the determined payment plan has not been met.  Tutoring sessions will not resume until payment has been made.  

CLASS tutoring program may be cancel or ternminated at any time at the discretion of the school.  If so, your tutoring session fee will be refundable. The diagnostic testing admin fee and any prior tutoring sessions fees paid and services already provided are are non-refundable. 

Do you agree?

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K-5th Grade: Administrative Testing fee of $50 and tutoring sessions are $15.00 per hour begining at 4pm, with full hour scheduled sessions as the fee basis.  There are 2 types of payment options.  Please check the option you prefer.  

Payment is due on the Monday before all schedule sessions begin.

Option 1 (pay monthly) Option 2 (pay bi-weekly)
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6-12th Grade: Administrative Testing fee of $75 and tutoring sessions are $25.00 per hour begining at 4pm, with full hour scheduled sessions as the fee basis.  There are 2 types of payment options.  Please check the option you prefer.  

Payment is due on the Monday before all schedule sessions begin.

Option 1 (pay monthly) Option 2 (pay bi-weekly)
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Day of the week option 

Tuesday from 4-6 Thursday from 4-6
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Sessions are only offered bi-weekly. How many sessions per month? 

2 sessions per month 4 sessions per month
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How did you hear about KGCA’s CLASS tutoring program? 

Friend School
Website Other
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