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Amy Gardner To All Instructors

Amy Gardner has been enamored with the night sky since she was 12 years old and looked through a telescope for the first time. She studied astronomy at TCC and began teaching high school astronomy in 2011. Since then, she has also began looking down and is fascinated by the planet beneath her feet. She has now also studied geology at a college level and is an avid amateur geologist as well as astronomer.

In 2012, Amy Gardner saw a YouTube video of a professional hula hooper and decided it was something she had to try. She made her own performance hoop and started spinning. She has not stopped since! She began teaching hooping in 2015. A few years later, she stumbled upon a tutorial on how to make wire woven jewelry. She gave it a whirl, and soon decided that she needed to start a jewelry business. She has been expanding her craft into other mediums and selling at art shows ever since.

Amy is also a world traveler and has been all around the globe. She is fascinated by other lands, cultures and peoples and began sharing her knowledge of these places by teaching high school geography in 2018. 

In 2020, Amy had the honor of assisting the HSP US History teacher With the course. She quickly fell deeper in love with the subject than she had been previously, and is still obsessively studying it to this day. Amy took over the class as full-time teacher during the spring semester of 2020-2021, and finds endless joy in bringing history to life for her students by teaching the subject with the aid of skits, projects and engaging reading.

Current Classes
Astronomy – Instructor (open)
Astronomy - *COPY* – Instructor (open)
Hooping- Beginner/Advanced – Instructor (open)
US History – (open)
World Geography and Cultures – Instructor (open)
World History – Instructor (open)