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A unique program that combines HOME and SCHOOL. Designed to complete core subject work with an attendance of two days a week, Academy students experience the camaraderie and the fun of school while spending the majority of their week at home. Academy students enjoy group work, field trips, and project-based learning. 

For students new to HSP, a placement test is required to ensure readiness (math, reading, and writing skills). The fee is $50.00 per student and is scheduled through the office or with this link. Academy students are automatically registered for lunch and refresh on Tuesday/Thursday.

Academy classes are a partnership between the teacher and parents to ensure that the core subjects of reading, comprehension, mathematics, grammar, and writing are fully covered during the 9-month school year. Students attend Academy only two days a week and while in class they are taught an annual course of study on each subject. At home, parents reteach, review, complete practice assignments, and ensure understanding. Tests and reviews are conducted by the teacher to assess competence in each subject. Report cards are sent home quarterly. 

Homeschool Plus provides a rigorous fast-paced course of study. Academy families are expected to complete homework assignments on time and participate for the year. Academy teachers set the pace, complete the primary instruction, and assign the required at-home practice work for mastery of each concept. Students need to be prepared to listen in class, complete the required lessons, and review at home to succeed.

Academy instructors reserve the right to change the pace of the course, as necessary, based on the class's needs and progress.  

Annual year-end testing: This test meets all the requirements for homeschoolers and completes the annual progress report that is required. The time for administration of the tests is included in the Academy year. There is a nominal fee for purchasing the tests (tests are purchased by The Academy at HSP). Parents will be billed for tests UNLESS you opt out of testing. Students NOT testing should not attend Academy for the two days of testing.

Playground and Refresh Policies for Academy Pre K - 8th (Click here)

Academy: for Students on or above grade level K-8th 

  • Professional instruction Tu/Th- 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Rigorous academics 
  • Curriculum pacing to complete 4 subjects: Institute for Excellence in Writing, Sadlier Math, Shurley Grammar, Sadlier Vocabulary (Phonics K-3)
  • Regular communication via the online forum of home follow-up of assignments
  • Academy placement assessment is required for all new academy students.  This non-refundable assessment fee is $50 per student and is payable at the time of the assessment.

This page does not include our many options for private music lessons. Please see the Private Music Lessons Page to sign up for lessons.

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Academy Classes

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