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Brain Bridges

Brain Bridges students have unique academic classes that have been designed for students who learn differently. These classes are taught by licensed therapists and degreed professionals who specialize in helping students achieve regardless of learning issues.










An integrated approach toward building more competent, confident learners

  • An unprecedented partnership with Homeschool Plus to bring Educational Therapy to homeschool students
  • Students benefit in cognition, perception, academics, and social/emotional control
  • Individual and small group therapy sessions to increase attention, processing speed, memory, oral and written skills, auditory processing & more
  • Help for the learner struggling with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia
  • Students assessed and met at their current functional level with regular progress measurement
  • Critical thinking classes for special attention in the area of focus and increasing attention span, self-regulation, and decision making

Occupational Therapy and Social Skills Classes

  • Help for children struggling with motor skills such as poor grasp patterns and difficulty manipulating smaller objects
  • Help for children struggling with handwriting skills and handwriting legibility 
  • Help for children struggling with poor hand strength (can’t hold a pencil correctly, press too hard on the pencil)
  • Help for children struggling with sensory processing (can’t sit still, frequent fidgeting, have a hard time staying focused when challenged)
  • Help for children struggling with the right/left side of their body, knowing their right from their left, or coordinating both sides of their body together
  • Support for children with dysgraphia
  • ADHD and sensory processing disorder
  • Help for children struggling with body awareness (clumsy kids who drop things, frequently bump into things). 
  • The therapist will collaborate with the family to ensure understanding and reinforcement of the home program
  • Individual or group sessions available

For specific questions about Brain Bridges, please email brainbridges@homeschoolplus.org.


Brain Bridges Testimonials 

In 3 months, my son went from struggling to read phonics books, to now reading level 2 (not quite grade level) books willingly, WILLINGLY, to his sister at night. That makes me want to cry as a parent. He is starting to actually comprehend what he reads (still a struggle) but so, so improved from where he was at in August of 2020.

Kristina Beville

"We have had a very positive experience with the Brain Bridges program. Our nine-year-old has been working with an education therapist, as well as participating in the math and reading classes. We have seen progress and improvement in multiple areas. Our son relates and responds well with his teachers and is able to keep with the pace of the program. Although we are moving from the area, we will keep working with an NILD therapist so he can get the most out of this program."

Sarah Eddlemon


I wholeheartedly recommend Brain Bridges program: the thoroughness of his evaluations, professional, explanations, the way therapy was initiated with a fearful child, - all of it worked. Our son went from melting down over homework, no confidence and being unable to be left alone to being a successful confident child who makes friends and is independent. Now, he tries new foods and activities, flies through his schoolwork, and has discovered new abilities such as piano and lacrosse. I love to see the growth and know that he will have fewer struggles in the future because of the work he has done in educational therapy and the skills he has gained. 

His therapist worked to get him to gradually tolerate frustration and occasional failure. He started to grow and succeed, which encouraged him try more. Assignments went from lots of time and tears, to five minutes and great pride in his work. People comment to me about how talkative and confident he seems. They say he has "come out of his shell."



Student: "You remind me of a movie I watched when a man was asked, 'What do you do for a living?', and he replied, 'I make a difference.' - because that's what you do.”


Student: "I just don't know how my brain is doing this!" (after saying her entire bluebook page and reading words).