Homeschool Plus (HSP)

Brain Bridges

Building more competent, confident learners

  • Unprecedented partnership with Homeschool Plus to bring Educational Therapy to homeschool students
  • Students benefit in cognition, perception, emotions, and academics
  • Individual and small group therapy sessions to increase attention, processing speed, memory, oral and written skills, auditory processing & more
  • Help for the learner struggling with dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia
  • Parents trained for home reinforcement to secure permanent change
  • Students assessed and met at their current functional level with regular progress measurement
  • THINK class for special attention in the area of focus and increasing attention span, self-regulation, and decision making



New under Brain Bridges:  Occupational Therapy

  • Help for children struggling with motor skills such as poor grasp patterns and difficulty manipulating smaller objects
  • Help for children struggling with handwriting skills and handwriting legibility 
  • Help for children struggling with poor hand strength (can’t hold a pencil correctly, press too hard on the pencil)
  • Help for children struggling with sensory processing (can’t sit still, frequent fidgeting, have a hard time staying focused when challenged)
  • Help for children struggling with the right/left side of their body, knowing their right from their left, or coordinating both sides of their body together
  • Support for children with dysgraphia
  • ADHD and sensory processing disorder
  • Help for children struggling with body awareness (clumsy kids who drop things, frequently bump into things). 
  • The therapist will collaborate with family to ensure understanding and reinforcement of home program
  • Individual or group sessions available