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Why Join TSHSI?

Tri-State Homeschool, Inc. is a Christian homeschool support group for families in the DE, MD, PA, and  NJ area. 

TSHSI exists to create opportunities where Christian values and morals are cherished openly and safely discussed.

TSHSI is an established organization with credibility and committed leadership. It is a hub connecting homeschoolers to a variety of social, athletic, artistic, scholastic and competitive groups, reminding folks that they are part of a larger vibrant community. 

TSHSI annual events include a Fall Book Sale, Club Night, Field Day, Family Night, Talent Night, Geography Fair, and Annual Members’ Meeting. Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, and Geography Bee are organized events for homeschool students who would otherwise not participate without public or private school enrollment.

This large membership base provides opportunities for groups to gather together for other activities such as field trips and classes at local venues who might not offer those classes during the day without having enough interest. 

TSHSI also has the insurance necessary to protect our members should they be utilizing those facilities, which is required by many as building usage requirements are ever evolving.

Communication is achieved through a membership website and Facebook page. Communication forums provide a place to share non-homeschool related topics within a trusted community, ie. requests for reputable doctors and reliable tradesmen (plumbers, electricians), advertise items for sale, announce field trips or church activities, volunteering opportunities, job postings, local votes and civic opportunities, etc.

TSHSI encourages families with ways to participate and get involved in affecting the culture around us for good and to the glory of God. 

Information about upcoming meetings and votes on Legislative Bills, Pro-Life walks, Town Hall meetings, Common Core, elected officials, and other such items occurring in our government and communities is often shared.