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2018 Attendance How To

Summer 2018: How to Report attendance for the school year


IMPORTANT: All homeschoolers, regardless of their personal school calendar, are required to report their Aug 1—July 30 attendance numbers to the Department of Education no later than July 31. My personal recommendation is that you do this at least 2 weeks ahead of time, even if you continue to keep your school open during those last two weeks. The system is imperfect and buggy. The DOE folks tend to take vacations in the summer. Between browser issues, password resets, and system glitches, you have more than enough time between now and the end of July to get it done.


If you fail to report attendance by the due date, the DOE will CLOSE your homeschool and your students will no longer be enrolled in school. Note that doing this also creates a lot of extra work for our homeschool liaisons at the DOE, and brings us some unwanted attention as a community. The last round of threatened new regulations that we managed to stave off were, in part, inspired by the failure of many families to comply with our very minimal reporting requirements. I write this document up anew each summer to help make compliance as easy as possible.


If you have technical glitches with the system or errors in your enrolled student records, please contact the DOE directly— they are happy to help! You can reach our liaisons, Dawn and Robin, at: non-public.schools@doe.k12.de.us  phone: 302-735-4140


Please see the END of this document for tips and tricks on common problems and how to resolve them before calling the DOE. In my experience, 90% of the problems can be resolved with these tips.


How to report attendance, Step by Step:


1. Go to: https://www.doe.k12.de.us/



2. Click on the name badge labeled “IMS” near the top right of the website


3. Enter your user name (remember it probably has a dot in the middle of it: firstname.lastname)


4. Click the button that says “Nonpublic Schools” It has a book and an apple on it.


Note: the first day that I tried to click this button, I received a notice that I was not authorized to access the page. The next day I had no trouble.


5. You will see a screen that summarizes your school information: name, school ID#, address, phone number, and school district. Click the EDIT button with the pencil in it to update any of this information. Below that are sections listing primary and secondary contacts— this should be you. You may again click the EDIT buttons if necessary to update this information.


6. The final box at the bottom is a list of your enrolled students, whether you are a single family or multi-family homeschool. IF you are a multi-family homeschool, you must report attendance for all students enrolled in your homeschool. ***Click the PENCIL (edit) button by each student’s name and review the information for that student. Even if you change nothing (which will be the case for most of us) click SAVE at the bottom for each student.



7. At the top of the page, click the tab with an icon of the HOURGLASS that says “Submit Attendance.”


The first page (and subsequent pages) reads: Tell us about your attendance information.


8. There is one box that says “This count contains both active and inactive students enrolled in your nonpublic school this year.” It is probably already filled in for you, counting all students who have been in your homeschool at any point this year. If the number is correct, click CONTINUE. If not, click CONTINUE anyway.


9. The second page asks “How many days was your nonpublic school open this year?” Fill in the number of days you held school this year. Do not count days your student was enrolled in a different school.


10. At the top of the third page you will see directions on where to send email if your student listing is incorrect or needs to be updated for students no longer enrolled in your school. Below this you will see a list of your students, with a PENCIL icon next to each. One at a time, click the PENCIL icon for each student.


11. You will first be asked if the student was enrolled for the entire school year. Click YES or NO.


12. On the next page, enter how many days that student attended school*. For most of us, this will be the same number as the number of days school was open. You will be asked if the student is graduating this year. Select YES Or NO from the drop-down menu. You can skip filling in the graduation date if your student is not graduating. *If you said the student was not enrolled for the entire school year, you will be given another screen that asks how many days the school was open for this student. For example you are homeschooling two children. One started in August and was in school for 180 days. The other started in January and was in school for 90 days. You would enter 90 here for the number of days the school was open for this student. Then you will move along to the screen that asks for days attended for that student.


Repeat this step, clicking the PENCIL icon for each student enrolled in your school. Once you are satisfied that the listing looks correct, click the SAVE AND CONTINUE button.


14. You will see a summary screen.


In the first section, you will see a listing of your students with attendance numbers and date of birth for each student.


In the next section, ADM, you will see the sum of the school days for all students— so if you have 2 kids who each had 200 school days, this number will say 400).


In the next section, ADA (Average Daily Attendance), You will see the sum of the total days attended by all students. So if your students each attended for 200 days, this number will also read 400.


Percent ADA to ADM is just the attendance rate for all students in your homeschool.


The last section lists information about your graduates.


15. If everything looks good, click SAVE AND CONTINUE at the bottom of the page.


16. The next screen announces, “Attendance Saved!” Click PRINT ATTENDANCE if you wish a printed copy of your attendance for the year— not a bad record to have in case anything hiccups in the system or you need a record for any purpose. Note that in my browser, clicking the PRINT button put a printable page in another browser window— you must open that browser tab and then choose print from the file menu to actually print the page. You can also save an electronic copy from that page. You should also automatically receive email acknowledging receipt of your attendance.


You are done! We’ll see you in September with an explanation for how to confirm enrollment for fall. NOTE that you do not need to wait to do this to start your school year any time you like! You just need to update your enrollment sometime during September, and I’ll put out another step by step guide to get you through that process as well!


If there’s anything we can help you with, please post a message. If there are technical details regarding updating your student’s enrollment in order to complete your attendance reporting, please email the DOE. non-public.schools@doe.k12.de.us phone: 302-735-4140

Hints on using the system— try these first:


1. Expect to need to change your password. I logged in just three week ago, and I had to change my password— again. Fortunately, this process has become very fast and takes minutes now, rather than days. You will have to enter your email address, date of birth, and last four digits of your SS# (you provided this when opening your IMS account).


2. If you have to change your password,


Close ALL browsers. Wait a full 15 minutes before returning to any web browser. It’s weird, but it’s true.


3. Chrome often will not work. Firefox will sometimes work. Safari consistently works. My guess is that Internet Explorer will also work.


4. After you have done ALL of this, you may be able to log in, and then you will encounter one of a few different error messages, including, “You are not authorized to view this page.” Don’t panic. Wait overnight, then try again and the error will probably have cleared.


Huge thanks to Jen Driscoll from the Homeschool Delaware Facebook Group for putting together this information!