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What's the Big Deal

"One of the most useful tools in the quest for power is control of the educational system."   Gary Demar

Education is one of the biggest battlefields of our century.  It has been said that whoever controls the minds of the children controls the next generation.  The state and educational institutions of this country realize this. The state has invested millions of dollars in the educational system, and it is constantly pushing for new legislation in its effort to control the minds of the children and thus the next generation.  Because of this, our legal right to homeschool our children is constantly under attack.  We, as individuals, and as a homeschool organization, want to preserve the freedom to choose to homeschool. The possibility of having our homeschool freedoms restricted, regulated or ended exists. 

The ultimate goal of PCHE is twofold: to encourage the individual homeschool family that chooses a Christ-centered, parent-directed, non-government funded manner in their homeschooling journey and second, to remain committed to securing future non-government funded educational choices for our children. We understand the nature of the ideological war we are fighting. It is bigger than today’s need to make it through another day of homeschooling. It can be hard to take a stand and homeschool our children in a manner that preserves this freedom for future generations, but it can be done. It must be done. By God's grace and by standing firm on these principles, we will preserve a legacy of homeschool freedoms.

It is imperative that we, as homeschoolers and a homeschool organization, understand what information fuels government attempts to restrict, regulate or end the legal right to homeschool. The numbers of homeschool families participating in Government Funded Homeschool Education (GFHE) programs are collected by the state.  Legislators and other organizations use this information to support and defend the argument that homeschoolers need public school systems in order to succeed or even survive; the information gives power to those who would like to erode our right to legally homeschool our children. PCHE understands this threat and has resolved to strengthen the homeschool movement by supporting only those families who desire to homeschool their children completely and totally free of GFHE programs.

Because of this, PCHE limits its membership to families who desire to traditionally homeschool their children. We do not question the sincerity or Christian commitment of other families, but PCHE is committed to helping ensure that future generations will have the ability to legally homeschool their children independent of any government controls.

The chart below is a visual clarification of who can be included in PCHE membership.


Child Traditionally Homeschooled

(Sports and/or up to 2 public or private school classes OK)

Child participates in a Government Funded Home Education Program along with traditional homeschooling

Child enrolled full time in a school (to include Public, Private and Charter Schools) either at a school or online

Child enrolled full time in College (including dual crediting)


Parent directed, Parent funded

Parent and Teacher directed; Gov’t and Parent Funded

Teacher Directed

Government or Parent Funded

Teacher Directed

Parent Funded or Gov’t Funded



Home School Enrichment Programs funded by the state

Public School

Private School

Charter School

Early College

College, community college, online college

PCHE Membership

Child – Allowed

Family – Allowed

Child – Not Allowed

Family – Not Allowed

Child  - Not Allowed

Family – Allowed, if other children in family are traditionally homeschooled

Child – Not Allowed

Family – Allowed, if other children in family are traditionally homeschooled