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True North Code of Conduct

We have a wonderful and unique opportunity in our homeschooling group with all ages working together in growth and learning. It is our intent to be good stewards of this opportunity, allowing for all members to come together and feel honored and respected.

Although it is impossible to define or plan for every scenario, we have outlined a few basic principles and expectations. In a group or more specifically, in a child-focused setting, basic etiquette and decorum are a necessity. Because we are open and accepting to all families with different belief systems, we need to be consciously aware of ourselves and our children’s behavior. It is important that we seek to avoid offense and to be aware of others’ comfort levels.

True North’s Code of Conduct requires that we do our best to come to group with good intentions and best behaviors. Our goal is for families to be able to focus on the activities, classroom time, and have the opportunity to learn and safely socialize with peers. The expectation is for rough-housing, excessive volume, and/or coarse language to be avoided while on premises. We hope to prevent unnecessary injuries, avoid distracting others while they are trying to learn, and to allow the older children to take on the position of positive role models.

We understand that children are learning, growing, and that we all have moments where missteps and mistakes happen. Our intent is for all of us to do our best, address any issues on an as-needed basis, and continue to move forward in a positive direction.