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Membership Fees

We diligently strive to be good stewards of Veritas Christi funds by keeping costs minimal, in order to ensure that all families are able to participate.  We rely on God’s providence and generosity.

Registration Fee

Each semester, a registration fee is assessed to each participating family.  This covers costs such as insurance, legal filing fees, website fees, registration fee scholarships, administrative and general classroom supplies.  This fee is due by the last day of the registration period.

Current Registration Fees:

  • $65.00 - Full Membership; per semester - per family (includes Class Days, Special Events and Website)

  • $20.00 - Partial Events Membership-per year-per family

**Veritas Christi’s detailed yearly budget is available, upon request.

Class Fees

Class fees, if any, cover the cost of materials, books and supplies, and are assessed per child for each individual class.  Classes may vary in price depending on the nature of the course. In some cases, a teacher may simply provide a list of needed supplies that each student will be responsible to provide.  Class fees are determined according to the discretion of the instructor. Every effort will be made to keep class fees low. Class fees are due by the last day of the registration period.


If a family is suffering a financial hardship, a scholarship for the registration fee can be made available.  Families in need of assistance should contact the payment coordinator by the registration fee due date to make arrangements for scholarships.


Fee payments can be made directly through the Veritas Christi website.

Questions regarding payments can be directed to the payment coordinator, Jen Losurdo.