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Membership Overview

The conditions for membership and participation in Veritas include the following:

Statement of Faith

Veritas is first and foremost a Catholic organization.  Participants are required to sign and teach in accordance with the Statement of Faith


General Requirements

  • Members must be currently homeschooling at least one of their children
  • Members must have one school-aged (K+) child to participate in the program 
  • Students may not exceed the age of 21
  • Full Members must pariticipate in at least 3 class periods of the coop day.


Background Check

Parents must give their consent to St. Mary's Church to conduct a background check, and agree to abide by any policies outlined by the church.


VIRTUS TRAINING - Protecting God’s Children Certification

Any parent participating in the cooperative on campus must provide record of their successful completion of the free VIRTUS training, “Protecting God’s Children.”  If you have not already completed this training, this can easily be achieved online at https://www.virtusonline.org.   

Certificates of completion can easily be obtained by contacting your diocese:
Rockford Diocese: 815.399.4300
Chicago Archdiocese: 312.534.8200

Membership Fees and Class Fees

Each semester, a registration fee is assessed to each participating family.  This covers costs such as insurance, legal filing fees, website fees, registration fee scholarships, administrative and general classroom supplies and special event materials.  This fee is due by the last day of the registration period.

Current Registration Fees:

  • $65.00 - Full Membership; per semester - per family (includes Class Days, Special Events and Website)

  • $20.00 - Partial Events Membership; per year-per family (non-class day activities)

**Veritas Christi’s detailed yearly budget is available, upon request.

Class Fees, if any, cover the cost of materials, books, and supplies and are assessed per child for each individual class.  Classes may vary in price depending on the nature of the course.   In some cases a teacher may simply provide a list of needed supplies that each student will be responsible to bring.  Class fees are determined according to the discretion of the instructor. 

For more information about our fees, please click on the Fees tab, or see our Member Handbook.

Parental Presence

By nature of being a cooperative (not a drop-off program or school), our insurance requires that parents or legal guardians be on campus while their children are in class.   We cannot allow families to bring along children that are not their own to participate in co-op.  A parent or legal guardian of each participating child must be present and volunteering in the building during all class days.



Veritas is a cooperative; a team of families joining together for a common goal.  As such, it is necessary for each family (parent) to contribute to the cooperative by volunteering.   Volunteering expectations are as follows:

  • 3 CLASSROOM HOURS (all parents):  each parent is expected to serve 3 hours on campus each week, participating in 3 (out of the four) class periods. Volunteer positions include: teacher, classroom assistant, or nursery caregiver.  These positions are described in detail below. 
  • VOLUNTEER TASK (non-teaching parents only):  In addition to 3 classroom hours, non-teaching parents will sign-up for a specific volunteer task.   Tasks may vary, from cleaning our class day space each week, to making nametags, or helping to plan special events.



A teacher or co-teacher is a person that conducts an academic or enrichment class.   In an effort to ensure a positive experience for our students and to accommodate the varying needs and circumstances of our families, it is NOT a requirement that every parent teach.  We view the art of teaching as a gift, and encourage parents to prayerfully consider devoting their time and talent to teaching.  However, the cooperative depends on generous teachers in order to function. 

Teachers consist primarily of Veritas member parents, but may also include Catholic clergy or religious, parish youth ministers or, occasionally, student teachers.  Teacher responsibilities include generating course ideas, formulating, preparing for, and leading lessons,  implementing the discipline policy when necessary, and ensuring a positive Catholic classroom environment.

Veritas teachers are solely volunteers; they are not employees and do not receive any form of compensation. They may set a budget and class fee for their classes.


Classroom Assistant

An Assistant is a person that is designated to a class in order to assist the teacher in the classroom.  Assistants are responsible for helping the teacher implement lessons, maintain order, and tend to the needs of students. 

Teachers may request a specific aid to serve in their class (for example, a foreign language teacher may prefer an aid that is also fluent in the language they are teaching).  Otherwise, assistants will be able to sign up to help in the class of their preference.

Nursery Caregiver

A Nursery Caregiver supervises, attends to, and plays with the young children of fellow co-op members while they serve in the classroom.  Nursery caregivers ensure the safety of children but are also responsible for actively engaging and playing with the children to create a positive and loving environment.  Nursery caregivers must be willing to feed and diaper children if necessary.