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Thank you for your interest in the CTK Homeschool Group. 

We currently are not considering any new member applications for the fall 2020/2021 school year.

Please check our website in January for information regarding attending an open house, which is mandatory, and applying for fall of 2021/2022. Or you can be added to our mailing list . We will email you regarding upcoming open houses and upcoming new member application periods.

Our application process is not based on a "first come, first in" basis and we do not maintain a waiting list. It completely relies on our space availability for the upcoming year, which is determined by our current membership, as well as our group operation needs for the upcoming year.

If we are unable to accept you for the fall 2021/2022 school year please check our website in January 2022 for information regarding applying for fall of 2022/2023.

We encourage you to read our handbook and mission statement. Many questions can be answered by reading these documents.

Please check your email for the mailing list link and to finish the process to be added to the mailing list.

Thank you,

The CTK Homeschool Group board

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