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Class Fees

      Tuesday and Thursday Classes    1st Day 2nd Day      
Waldorf Inspired  $300.00 $300.00      
K-6th $275.00 $150.00      
7th-8th Grade $325.00 $150.00      
High School $375.00 $175.00      
Mrs. Tracy Workman's Classes

Please see individual course information.

Wednesday Classes Per Day Per Year 10% Discount for Full Day Total Description
Kindergarten - 3rd Grade $45.00 $1,485.00 -$148.50 $1,336.50   4 Classes including Enrichment
4th & 5th & 6th grade $60.00 $1,980.00 -$198.00 $1,782.00 5 Classes including cooking & enrichment
7th-8th Grade          
Option 1   $58.00 $1,914.00 -$191.40 $1,722.60 5 Classes including cooking & enrichment
Option 2   $51.00 $1,683.00   -$168.30 $1,514.70 No Cooking- includes 2 tutoring labs
High School          
Option 1   $53.00 $1,749.00 -$174.90 $1,574.10 5 Classes including cooking
Option 2   $46.00 $1,518.00 -$151.80 $1,366.20 No Cooking - includes 2 tutoring labs
A La Carte Per Week Per Year      
Cooking & Enrichment $15.00        
Tutoring Lab (per Lab) $8.00        
HS Sat/Act $12.00 $375.00      
Physics   $375.00      
Other Classes $10.00        


Instructions for this year’s class fees

  • You will no longer pay the teacher for your class fees, you will now be directly billed from Salt.

  • You may choose to pay off your balance in 1 payment, 2 payments, or in 9 monthly payments made directly to Salt.

  • All supply fees will be paid in full, directly to the teacher, and will be an additional charge on top of the class fees.

  • If you want to participate in a class offered 2 days a week, you will pay the regular class fee, and the second day will be an additional $150.00 for HS, or $125.00 for MS or elementary.

  • If a class is offered on a Tuesday and a Thursday, but you only want to take it for 1 day, you will need to take it on a Tuesday. However, if you choose to take it on a Thursday, you will be charged the full 1-day amount and not the second-day price. No classes will be offered at the discounted second-day rate alone.  

  • Any class offered on a Thursday. that is not offered on a Tuesday will cost the full amount of the class fee.

  • The Waldorf Inspired classes will not have any second-day discounts. Each Waldorf class will cost $300.00 for the 2-hour class. You may choose to take these classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or both days.

  • Wednesdays - The cost for a full day on Wednesday is $1320.00 plus a material fee of $165.00. The total cost will be $1485.00 for the school year.

    • This cost will be added to your Tuesday/Thursday total tuition and can be paid off the same way. You will no longer be allowed to pay for Wednesdays on a weekly payment schedule.

    • If you are only taking Wednesday classes, you may pay your tuition off in 1 payment, 2 payments, or in 9 monthly installments.