Revelations Homeschool Co-op Revelations Homeschool Co-op

Note that these costs are subject to change without notice. 

  • BACKGROUND CHECK FEE is a non-refundable fee of $26 due before you can enroll your family in co-op. Each Parent is required to have a background check before admission into the co-op.
  • SESSION FEES covers the bills incurred by the co-op for facilities, insurance, and other operating costs. We charge each family $185 Annually. Due before you can register for Term Classes. The Annual Fee is Non-Refundable. 
  • CLASS SUPPLY FEES are occasionally assessed by individual teachers for specific costs in their classes.  
    • They will be collected by and are payable to teachers directly, usually on the first day of class.
    • Class descriptions will notify you of any of these fees.

A waiting list will be maintained if the co-op is filled to capacity. If a family withdraws from Revelations co-op and desires to return, they are placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

Exceptions: in response to the Great Commission and in gratitude to our brethren on the mission field, any furloughing or returning missionary family will bypass the waiting list and have immediate access to enrollment in the co-op. This gesture is extended in hopes that the co-op might minister to the unique needs of missionary children transitioning back into U.S. culture.