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Homeschooling in Idaho

ICHE - Idaho Coalition of Home Educators

Protecting Your Rights Since 1992

The purpose of the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators is to protect the right to home educate within the state of Idaho. To this end, ICHE sponsors the following:

  • Standardized Testing: Annual testing on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) and the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED) is offered to home educated students at testing sites throughout the state. Graphs of ICHE scores compared with Idaho public school and national scores are prepared for public distribution.

  • Legislative Day: At an annual reception at the Statehouse, ICHE testing data and student projects are displayed. Legislators and other public officials interact with students and parents concerning the excellence of home education.

  • Email Updates and Alerts: ICHE sends a weekly email update full of news and information to our members. We send action alerts as necessary to notify members of pending legislation and other issues which directly relate to home education.

CHOIS - Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State

Chois hosts an annual homeschool convention in Nampa, Idaho every June. They also run a high quality homeschool graduation program with cap and gown ceremony. They have a blog with new and interesting articles, including the one's written by Linda Patchin about the History of Homeschooling in Idaho. A quarterly magazine, and resources for those starting out in homeschooling.