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Early Bird Registration begins November 5, 2021
Classes begin January 6, 2022 at Riverside Baptist church
Must be a PATH Member to register and attend classes.

Instructor: Beatrice Koubi

The Mystery in History    [10am] 

Absorbing and enthralling, history is an interwoven story of causes and effects. In this class we will look at how events relate to one another and shaped global connections. We will analyze historical, political, social, and cultural history of the world, link art and literature to the events, and understand why specific events shaped the world. Although each class deals with a chapter of an important era or event, different topics overlap in time. We will follow a chronological timeline. The spring semester continues with the timeline from the establishment of the Ottoman Empire to the later period of Medieval Europe. Each semester will look at events from the European and worldly points of view. This middle/highschool history class is challenging, interactive, and eye opening in every level. Students will connect world-historical events together and present their own points of view. This class is not just a history class, students are encouraged to come prepared to class, do homework, and read and present in class. Independence and accountability are major steps for higher education. The discussions and activities in class will encourage the most reluctant history student to see the world with new eyes and connect the dots to the world’s story.  

Requirements: computer access. 

Bring every week: folder, pencil, paper and color pen. (computer is not required for in-class activities unless you prefer not to print the assignments), homework and folder.  

Homework: different assignments weekly 

Age: middle to high-school  

Class cost: $160.00 (EARLY BIRD $140.00)  

Literature for Seasoned Readers    [11am] 

            This class explores the historical fiction that will touch the student’s live like a good friend: A single Shard a novel by Linda Sue Park, set in 12th-century Korea, also a Newberry winner. Students will explore big ideas, build cultural literacy, connect history to literature, and appreciate legacy. This class will help with reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills. These skills are essential to prepare students for higher literacy skills and standard tests such as PSAT/SAT, ACT and PERT, scholarship essays and college/university applications.  

Students are expected to read out loud, write, and share their work in class. It is a fun, non-pressured class that is engaging with discussions, circle reading, and mini-acting to deepen the experience of the written word on the page. Although this is a very fun story, students will increase their tier II vocabulary that is so essential for higher education and SAT/ACT testing skills. Public speaking is another invaluable skill not only for school, but also for the business world. Through this class, students will be learning new skills that carry over into higher learning and the business world.  


Material: Students are expected to bring a library book or purchased book and work sheets to class every week.  

Age: middle-high school!  

Class cost: $160.00 (EARLY BIRD $140.00) 

Vocabulary Skills  [12:30pm] 

 We will continue learning new words that might turn up in PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, PSAT/NMSQT & SAT tests. Higher test scores can also lead to scholarship money! This course will enhance critical reading, improve writing, help master essay requirements, and motivate to reach the highest potential. Although the SAT took out the essay and vocabulary testing, it is still essential to work on increasing vocabulary since the test has implied analytical vocabulary of level II. Meaning students are expected to understand higher level words in different contexts and texts in order to understand the test’s questions. This class will emphasize three skills: analytical reading, finding multiple uses of words, and their origin. These essential skills are the key to success for all kinds of reading and writing from college and university entrance exams, college applications, and college and scholarship essays. 

Dictionary memorization has proven to be least effective way to increase vocabulary. Studies show that memorization is a short-term fix and doesn’t carry over to other areas of education; however, students are expected to increase their tier II vocabulary by 300 words a year. In this class, students will ‘memorize’ these words though a variety of activities that are exciting, interesting and fun. We will be using the Sadlier workbook and other proven techniques including some games and turn the new vocabulary words into long-term memory. These specialized skills will help your student to improve reading, writing, and comprehension with the new information learned. This class will emphasize on level II words that are required to score high and focus on the language test that is evidence-based reading. This class will not only teach valuable testing skills, logical thinking, and improve reading and writing, but students will also gain knowledge, confidence, time management, and accountability on the road to success. 

Requirements: computer access, this class can be attended on zoom. In person might be preferred to increase the student’s group activity experience. 

Bring every week: folder, pencil, paper and color pen. (computer is not required for in-class activities unless you prefer not to print the assignments), homework and folder.  

Homework: different assignments sent weekly 

Age: middle to high-school (register early, limited seating) 

Class cost: $160.00 (EARLY BIRD $140.00)  

Handwork: Knitting, Crochet, Macramé and Sewing    [1:30pm] 

Students explore the art of knitting, crochet, macramé or hand sewing. Each student works on individual projects depending on their desire, fine motor, and previous learned skills. It is very exciting to see the creativity of each student blossom. Those of you that choose knitting will learn how to cast on, knit and progress to pearling and patterns as the semester goes on. Students enrolling for crochet will use simple stitches and progress to double crochet and patterns. More advanced students will progress to more complex projects. Macramé projects will include simple knots, book-marks, wall hangers, or plant hangers depending on the student’s desire and materials brought. In Hand-sewing, students will learn how to sew on buttons, push buttons, simple and decorative stitches and make cute projects that are great for presents. (Check with me about where to buy the material, if your student wants to make a large project, I might have some things as well). All projects can be entered at the Miami Fair, registration starting in December 2021 (might change due to Covid).  

Students will be introduced to different materials, compare and contrast different content of yarns and wool. Samples of different kinds of handwork projects will be discussed. Students are also encouraged to bring broken items from home to repair (missing buttons, small holes in t-shirts, ripped seams and other minor repairs).  

In this self-paced handwork class, students learn either knitting, crocheting, macramé, or hand sewing. Machine sewing is possible per request. In this group class, students will learn fundamental and advanced techniques.  You’ll be amazed what can be made out of stings and needles. Let your creative side come out and shine.  


Age: kindergarten and up including adults. 

Class cost: $170.00 (EARLY BIRD $150.00) includes some materials for small projects or enhancing larger projects brought from home (if your students wants to make a large or specific project contact me before buying the material, I might have some of it already ?)  

Instructor: Colleen Hoey

Math Games    [10am]

Suggested Grade/Age: Kinder-5th grade

Instructor: Ms. Colleen Hoey & Georgi 

Have fun with math!!  This is the fourth year of our homeschooling journey and we invite students to join us playing math card games and other math games.  The purpose of this class is to have fun while practicing math skills and learning strategy.  The class will be broken into smaller groups to focus on the level and skills of the individual participants.  Math skills that may be practiced include number sense, use of the abacus, addition, subtraction, time, money, multiplication, division, decimals, fractions, exponents, percentages, and order of operations.  We will mix it up playing 2-3 different games each class and adding fun factors like team games and math relay races.  Students will obtain points for playing games and winning games — and every few classes have the chance to get something from the "prize" box.  At a minimum level, students should be able to count to 10 and recognize those numbers as written. 

Many of the games come from the RightStart Math curriculum created by a mother with a doctorate in math education.  

Questions:  Please contact Colleen Hoey at [email protected].

Early Bird Cost: $120 by November 15, $145 after November 15  

Young Chemists  [11am]  

Suggested Grade/Age:  1st-4th Grade

Instructor Ms. Colleen Hoey 

Let's explore chemistry!!  Each week we will perform experiments, simple in design, with basic household materials to study principles of chemistry — experiments such as dissolving a candy coating, building a mock lava lamp, heating and cooling the gas in a balloon, and building a portable lung.  Class time will include a basic discussion of concepts in chemistry related to the experiment and performing experiments.  Experiments may include looking at concepts such as surface tension of water, hydrophobic (water avoiding) molecules, solubility, iron in iron-fortified food, how temperature affects matter, how pressure affects matter, varying densities of matter, chemical reactions and more!  We will talk about basic experimental design and considerations like controls and variables.  

Questions:  Please contact Colleen Hoey at [email protected].

Early Bird Cost: $135 by November 15, $160 after November 15  

Introduction to Psychology   [12:30]

Suggested Grade/Age:  Middle School-High School

Instructor Ms. Colleen Hoey 

This class will be a survey of a variety of topics in psychology of interest to middle and high school age students.  Topics may include brain development in adolescents and young adults and how that affects decision making; the Big 5 personality traits — what they are, what they mean, and how the student fits in that framework; genetics versus environmental influences on behavior; digital media — how it is designed to manipulate views, emotions, and behavior; mass psychology and propaganda — how it works and examples; peer pressure — what is it and how it works; and mistakes were made but not by me — why it is difficult for people to admit to mistakes and easy to cling to incorrect beliefs.  

Students will have assignments each week which may include readings, viewing videos and documentaries, completing worksheets on the subject and preparing short class presentations.  During class we will discuss the ideas presented and how they affect students. Class preparation will be essential to get the most out of this class.  Note:  There may be a cost to watch some of the documentaries — total estimated cost less than $20.  

Questions:  Please contact Colleen Hoey at [email protected].

Early Bird Cost: $135 by November 15, $160 after November 15  

Introduction to Philosophical Discussion  [1:30]  

Suggested Grade/Age:  Middle School-High School

Instructor Ms. Colleen Hoey

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." 

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

 -Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher

The purpose of this class is to hold student-centered discussions on philosophical questions.  This class will have an introduction to a few different schools of philosophy and some of the great philosophers but primarily with the goal to give a basic foundation for discussions.  Students will discuss fundamental questions such as what is time, right versus wrong, is death the end, is there a "creator", what is beyond the edge of the universe, and some light topics too.  There will be weekly assignments that may consist of short readings, videos, and worksheets to provide some foundational information for discussion.  The main preparation for class will be reviewing and thinking about a short list of questions or statements on the next week's topic and having discussions about them with parents, family, and friends.  Thus, if the student is not sure what they think about an idea, they can ask parents, relatives, older cousins and siblings what they think.  Discussions could be in the car, at dinner, or calling up someone — these discussions may help the student form their own ideas or at least have ideas to contribute to the discussion.  We will mix it up a little and may discuss ideas from a movie or have the students take a poll on a subject and come back to class and discuss the results.  All viewpoints will be welcome but may be subject to challenge.  Respectful debate and listening will be encouraged, as well as asking students to make the best case for a proposition they may disagree with.  A variety of viewpoints will make discussions more interesting.  Class preparation and participation will be required for this small group student discussion model to function successfully.                     

Questions:  Please contact Colleen Hoey at [email protected].

Early Bird Cost: $135 by November 15, $160 after November 15  

Instructor: Shannon Leon

Interesting and Mysterious Places-Part 1


Ages 9-15

Minimum student number to proceed: 5

Maximum students: 12

There will be 11 meetings in this class, with one independent study day outside of class. *We will discuss this more during the first day of class. 

This class will be the first in a series of Reading/LA/History based classes (next one will be fall 2022) that explore mysterious and interesting places all over the world. We will use books from the What is?/Where is? series.  

Reading comprehension activities will be combined with history, science and geography to focus on specific places of interest.  Students will respond to reading in both oral and written form. Students may use laptops to respond in word processing documents. We will also use some fun hands on activities to focus on specific aspects of the books. 

The first 3 books used will be:  Where are The Galapagos Islands,? Where is Stonehenge,? and Where is the Bermuda Triangle? all from the WHOHQ series.  I will provide these books to students who register and pay during the Early Bird time period. Otherwise, students must purchase their own or check them out from the library. 

First, we will explore the Galapagos Islands, once studied by Charles Darwin as the basis for his groundbreaking and widely accepted theory of evolution. *We will try to coordinate a day outside of class to visit the Zoo Miami Galapagos Tortoises as we focus on the magnificent animals that reside on the islands.

Next, we will head across the Atlantic (through reading ) to visit Stonehenge located in Southern England and ask ourselves what are the meanings behind these strange circular stones.

Finally, we will return “home” to the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, being that Miami is roughly one of the three locations that form the area where ships and planes have historically “gone missing.” We will explore the possible reasons for such tragedies. 

There will be in-class readings and at-home reading assignments that will keep us on track to finish all 3 books within the time allotted. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me at my email address: [email protected]

Payment Info:

$135 Early Bird Until Nov. 18, 2021   

$155 After Nov. 18, 2021

Instructor: Chris Stormont

Chess- 12:30-1:25

Enjoy the spring time with chess!  Children will learn new strategies, tactics, openings, endings, and have the chance to socialize and play with each other.  They will be able to solve chess puzzles with other fun chess activities.

For children that do not know the game, join in the fun and learn this wonderful game with all the basic rules.  Beginners and all ages welcome!

Class fee is $135 for 12 weeks (Early Bird Rate); $165 after Nov 18.  

Tournament regulation sets are available for purchase for those who do not have one.  Please remember to bring your own each week.  Buddy boards are for those who need help remembering the rules and can be purchased as well.

Instructor: Tony Chebli

Subject: Introduction to Astronomy 11:00-11:55am

Grades: 5th - 9th

Cost $160 per student ($140 Early Bird)

This the same class I taught online last Spring. Given that this will be in person this year, the pace will be somewhat slower, and more hands-on projects (in class and take-home) will be provided for students to learn basic astronomy facts and principles. In the process of teaching astronomy, we will touch on some basic geography, science principles, and very basic math (angles, distances, speeds, etc.). We will cover the following:

-Moon (phases, movement, impact on earth, etc..)

-Planets (to include differentiating between inner and outer planets), as well as other Solar System objects such as Comets.

-Some of the more popular constellations and well-known stars, and how they relate to the North Star

-Discussions on how the solar system formed, our galaxy, and the origin of the universe, to include any special topics the students would like to cover.

-Earth Global Grid (Latitudes, longitudes), as this will be useful when we apply astronomy to find our location on earth (very basic celestial navigation)

-Time permitting, we will conduct a role-playing colonial (circa 1600s) voyage to the Americas, finding our position using sun/stars, and plotting it on a map.

Subject: Introduction to Meteorology 10:00am-10:55am

Grades: 5th - 9th

Cost $160 per student ($140 Early Bird)

Course Description: This is the same course I have taught at PATH since 2017. The course introduces Upper Elementary and Middle School students to basic Meteorology concepts and every day weather application. It supplements the student’s Earth Science studies at home. We will use the "Meteorology Atmosphere and Weather" book by Mark Twain Media as a general guide throughout the semester. We will discuss weather “drivers”, atmosphere layers, various cloud types, various weather systems and fronts, how they interact, and the expectant weather that results from various interactions. We will dedicate at least one class session to our favorite Miami topic - Hurricanes!

Since I’m only teaching this class for one semester (normally I teach it fall and spring), there will be a bigger focus on hands-on experiments/projects. Various handouts and take-home assignments will be provided. Please note that the level of home-study and assignment completion is dependent on student academic and comfort level (per parental desire).

There will be multiple opportunities for "public speaking" practice in the form of class presentations and simulating a Weather forecaster. In the course of the semester, some other science and geography principles will be discussed, as they relate to Meteorology. Students will be encouraged to participate in class discussions, group-based activities, and completing projects/assignments (again, based on student level and interest). Parents will be emailed weekly updates, to include worksheets, project papers, and any other activity for the student for either in-class or take-home activities.

Instructor: Abella Prieto

Writing Circle

The purpose of this workshop is to gather as a community of writers to support one another in developing our craft and finding our voices. It is ideal for someone who is creative, likes to write or needs a safe environment that makes writing enjoyable. At the beginning of each class is a mini-lesson and/or writing warm-up, which are designed to aid specific areas of students’ writing in active, fun, and unique ways. Students are encouraged to bring a piece to share at Group Share, and all students will receive positive feedback and optional constructive criticism for their work. 

Students must have the ability to sit still for 30-40 minutes without talking or otherwise disrupting the class environment. If a student needs help with anything during this time, they are more than welcome to ask Belle for assistance.

There is no homework. Instead, there will be the “Creative Challenge” that will be encouraged but not mandatory. The “Creative Challenge” will allow for more growth in creativity and the process of writing. Each challenge will help the student achieve their own individual goals as writers. For the serious writer or author, these challenges will prepare them for the challenge of NANOWRIMO Young Authors Program. This online program is free and also optional. Yet, it is an exciting time and platform to write the first draft of a novel, collection of stories or poetry!

The structure of the class includes the following: 
- Writing Warm-up/Mini-Lesson
- Individual Writing Projects/Conferences
- Group Share/Group Feedback/Editing/Revising Tips

Grades: 10y+ Middle School & High School

Cost: $125 by Nov 18/ $145 after Nov 18

Instructor: Paula Castano

Drama Club

Do you want to practice Spanish in a fun way while learning about Acting? Then this class is for you! 

We are very excited to start our Drama Club "en Español" where we will learn and practice Spanish through games, theatre, storytelling, comedy, improvisation, reading, writing, singing, dance and more! 

 In this hands-on performance class, ages 7 and up, we will increase creativity, self-confidence, communication, and problem-solving skills while building a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration.   

Students do not need any prior experience, just a desire to learn, have fun and practice their Spanish.  

Cost: $170 (Early Bird $150)