Chemistry with Ms. V!



From the tiniest particle to the vast universe, all things point to a Wondrous God who loves us!

Chemistry study offers a way to break it down and see the components of his great design!!

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Using the text of Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry as our guide, and supplementing with Berean Builder's Discovering Design with Chemistry, CHSEL Chemistry Lab takes students through the basics using hands-on experiments, data collection and calculations that reveal the truth about the world around us! This is NOT  a Chemistry course, but a supplemental lab designed to enhance and stimulate the home taught chemistry course.  We use the scope and sequence as laid out in the Apologia Chemistry and Berean Builders Chemistry text (scope and sequence is similar.)
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It is our goal to complete demonstrations and experiments for no fewer than 14 modules of the text. When a module has no assigned labs, the material in that module is discussed and sometimes a supplemental lab or video content is added. Students will work through each lab, keeping a detailed lab notebook which will include notes, data and conclusion.  We also occasionally replace some experiments with the suggested micro chem lab, the supplemental cd rom and/or additional interesting demos and experiments.  The lab grade, which can be integrated into a high school chemistry grade at the parent's discretion, will be based on lab completions, notebook data and two quizzes. 
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From the teacher: 
 It's all about helping students understand and truly grasp the concept so that the foundation is laid to build knowledge instead of just memorization. When chemistry is more than just a required subject, it can be a tangible image of our unseen Creator, who in His wisdom created all things for His glory! Because no subject should be studied just because it's required, it is important that from my lab students understand that learning any science concept is a way to know our Creator more.