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Physical Science 8th-10th

Physical Science is the study of the how things work together on Earth and throughout the universe. God put great care in creating our world and made things with purpose and order. In this lab we will examine such things as the atmosphere, different cycles, weather, forces and motion, electricity, atoms and molecules, waves, sound, and light. The scope and sequence will follow that of Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science and we will employ experiments and demonstrations based upon those presented in that curriculum. While some alternative experiments will be used, the concepts presented will be the same. For this lab, the use of Apologia text is recommended, but not required, although student's should be using a physical science text in their home studies to be able to follow the concepts presented in this lab. The lab grade, which can be integrated into a high school physical science grade at the parent's discretion, will be based on lab completions, notebook data and two quizzes. This is NOT a Physical Science course, but a supplemental lab designed to enhance and stimulate the home taught physical science course or the CHSEL+ course offered on Tuesday.

Instructor: Stacy Richard

Text book: Exploring Creation with Physical Science 2nd edition by Wile

Cost:  $288 payable $32/month for 9 months

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