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Chsel+ High School Essay and Report

This is Tuesday lab only, not included in our regular Friday lab offerings!

It will be conducted throughout the traditional school year on scheduled Tuesdays.



High School Essay Intensive with Research Report

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Let's unlock the tools for success!!

This essay and report workshop-style class will be a 24 week intensive that will require class and home work. It should replace your writing assignments at home for the term of the class. It is recommended for students in 11th-12th grade, but may be appropriate for a younger student if he or she is a capable writer. This course will include some of the IEW High School Essay Writing Intensive curriculum and videos, but will not be limited to that material and does not require prior knowledge of IEW Structure and Style. " How to Write a Research Report" will be incoroporated into the course along with numerous supplemental materials including vocabulary enhancement and grammar checking. The goal: to complete each type of essay that is a standard requirement for high school writing followed by a research report that will require the use of and visit to the John Gray Library on Lamar campus at least once. There will be topics assigned as well as chosen by students. 

The endeavor will include:

Essay writing strategies: questions to ask, assignment length,paragraph and essay models, invention, outlines, style, sentence patterns, literary devices, practice with sentence openers and figures of speech.

Practice with various essay models:Narrative, Expository (Compare/Contrast, Cause and Effect if time allows,) Descriptive, Persuasive, and Literary Analysis and/or Book Report,

Each project will include planning, writing, effective vocabulary and proofing.

The Personal & Narrative Essay: adapting the essay and strategies for scholarships and applications

SAT/ACT/TSI: Practice from prompts and strategies for writing, planning and annotating.

The Research Report: questions to ask, assignment length, discovering topics, researching and narrowing topics, organizing information, outlining for the extended and super essays, library use, how to use sources, annotating, bibliography, works cited, effective vocabulary, and more.

Each meeting will include a minimum of 1 hour of lecture and/or video class time. Assignments will be worked on in class with the expectation that they will be completed at home along with at least one additional assignment each week. Assignments and syllabus are contingent upon student progress and understanding and may require modifications as class progresses. 

Use of online material, video technology, classroom dashboard and Microsoft Word will be necessary for completion of this course. 

The course will include a minimum of one assignment each week, to be turned in (sometimes through the classroom dashboard) the following week. Each composition will be evaluated and graded to include any suggestions for improvement that may be helpful. 

Class dates and time: The schedule will be announced soon, but will be held on 12 Tuesdays in fall beginning Sept. 15 and 12 in the spring, ending the last week of April.

CHSEL will only accept ONLINE monthly payments for labs, each of which includes an online payment fee reflected in the price below. This will allow speedier refunds should the need arise. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Lab Fee: $256 payable in 8 monthly payments of $32 each month

Supply Fee: $12

Lighthouse Family Membership fee of $40 must be payed to secure registration.  All other CHSEL fees and tuition will be invoiced prior to orientation.

         All participants will be required to submit a completed, signed waiver of liability and a medical release form along with payment prior to the first class day. (Forms may be downloaded and printed with the links below.)

From the teacher: I truly enjoy teaching writing. I love to see students learn that writing opens up opportunities and communication. I value the opportunity to give to them a tool that they can use for a lifetime. Having taught my own reluctant writers at home and having scrambled to find any curriculum that would help me know how to help my boys who hated writing learn the basic skills, I have discovered several ways that have proved beneficial. I have also found ways to excite and equip motivated writers. The testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel is my motivation as I work with your students. If you allow me to use my education, experience and passion to work with your student, I will honor that trust with a full effort to encourage, equip and motivate him or her. 

Parent Responsibilities: 

It is necessary to have your child to each lab on time. Please understand that it is your and your child's responsibility to obtain any material from me if a class is missed. If more than one or two classes may be missed, it is not advisable to register for this class, since each week there will be lecture and assignments that will be difficult to make up. If a class is missed, the assigned work must be completed in order for the next class to be of significant benefit. 

I will be grading assignments each week and it takes a great deal of time. If your student does not use the marks and evaluations as we go, it will be a great waste. Please work with your student on correcting and re-writing whenever possible.

Supplies Needed:

3 ring binder with pockets

notebook paper


Thesaurus, Dictionary and Bible (can be electronic or phone-based.)

Curriculum: Teacher Created/IEW Essay Intensive/Writing Strands/How to Write a Report

NOTE: This lab will require students to work on assignments at home. Parents are encouraged to reduce writing exercises at home to allow for the completion of the lab assignments. If students arrive unprepared repeatedly, we encourage parents and students to re-evaluate their participation in this lab. 


Lab Time 10:00 AM            Lab Cost: $256/yr. payable $32/mo. (8mo. payment option.)


Membership with Lighthouse Home School Support is required to register.

NOTE: The temporarily required online payment includes a necessary online payment fee.