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Registration Information

Families who are enrolled in Christian Home School Enrichment Labs are part of Lighthouse Home School Support, an organization that uses multiple ways to join a community of homeschool families. Members will have access to the private portion of our website, including the lab registration page and will be able to use the calendar to sign up for field trips, service duty, family nights and other support and social functions. Guests are welcome to view our lab offerings and schedule in the public areas. Registration for CHSEL is exclusive to members of Lighthouse Home School Support. The annual fee for Lighthouse membership is $40 and permits members to register for any programs that are part of the organization, including the athletics program and any member discounts.

This group has the following requirements for enrollment:

  1. CHSEL operates as a Christian homeschool educational enrichment/support group. Although families are not required to sign our Statement of Faith, we do require that families understand and show respect for these beliefs, which are posted in our About page as well as our Organizational Handbook
  2. All CHSEL member families are required to pay a non-refundable Annual Application Fee of $40.00 per family to participate in the Lighthouse Organization in addition to a CHSEL Registration fee of $30 for each semester (applied  at beginning of each semester and is not refundable once semester begins) and tuition for each lab (ranges from $10-$30/mo) to participate in CHSEL labs throughout the year.  The total cost of $100 annually, secures membership in Lighthouse and registration for a family. These fees help cover the cost of maintaining the website, administrative fees, insurance, building use (in the form of a donation to Ridgewood Church,) legal, and accounting fees.The tuition and supply fee is charged by each teacher within the member group to cover material costs for each child in his/her lab. Teachers are independent contractors and must supply their own materials and curriculum for the labs they teach. To find out how to apply to offer a lab through CHSEL, see our teacher information and downloads page. 

Registration Process:

  1. Request Membership in the Lighthouse section of the website--www.lighthousesetx.org. Following payment for membership in Lighthouse, you will be approved to login with your  username and password. Then go to the CHSEL portion of the website--www.chsel.org-- and request membership, fill out the requested information and your family will be approved within 24-48 hours. This will allow you access to the private portion of the website, where you will register for labs. You may also choose to link your Lighthouse and CHSEL accounts so some information, such as the calendar can be accessed through either site. 
  2. New families that were not members at the close of the previous school year will be approved on the basis of references through our other members and/or information gathered from your public profiles and your application. If you email info@chsel.org, you may speak to an administrator prior to requesting approval in order to schedule a brief phone interview to make the approval process go smoothly.
  3. After the CHSEL account is set up, members may register for labs and must attend orientation as specified on the calendar their registration will be canceled and positions open to other students through late registration. At orientation, all registration fees* and application fees along with first month tuition and supply fees for each lab is due. Checks should be made payable to CHSEL.  Emergency Medical Release Forms, Family Contracts, Liability Waivers and required background check forms must be signed at the time of orientation. If these are not completed by that time, your lab registrations may be dropped. The $40 application fee is not refundable. Each member will also be required to serve as a monitor during a miniumum of 2 lab days during the year. Failure to complete the requirement will result in a $25 fee for each missed service duty. Should a family choose to opt out of service duty requirement, the $25 payment for each requirement may be paid in advance and we will secure another member to serve in that place. The monthly payment option has been set up for your convenience. Should you prefer to pay a semester or year in advance, that is acceptable and may be more convenient for you. 
  4. After selecting your labs, you will find Payment instructions on the website in your account tab.   We accept payment by check or online (a service fee will be added to each payment.) A payment box is located on level B in the foyer each lab day to receive payments by the due date.  Please keep copies of your checks for tax or record purposes, if desired.  CHSEL does not provide receipts. 


  1. Most of our labs are full-year instruction.  Teachers have agreed to allow CHSEL to set up a monthly payment schedule to complete the year tuition in 9 monthly payments. Any exceptions will be in the lab information. All registration and supply fees are due by orientation in August. Students will not be admitted to labs without prior payment.  Application fee is non-refundable and Registration fees are not-refundable after Sept. 1 and January 1. Please see the  withdrawal policy in the CHSEL handbook.
  2. Students will not be allowed to attend lab unless monthly payment is made in a timely manner and late fees may apply for late payment.
  3. A copy of your check is your receipt.  You may also print out a copy of your registration summary after you register (see Step 6, above).  You will see your registration summary balance decline as payments are made.  CHSEL does not provide receipts.