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Registration Information

Families who are enrolled in Christian Home School Enrichment Labs (CHSEL) are first members of Lighthouse Home School Support (LHSS), an organization that uses multiple ways to join a community of homeschool families. The annual fee for Lighthouse membership is $40 and permits members to register for any programs that are part of our LHSS organization, including CHSEL and LHSA athletics, as well as receive any member discounts.

CHSEL members will have access to the private portion of this website, including the lab registration page and will be able to use the calendar to sign up for field trips, service duty, family nights and other support and social functions. Guests are welcome to view our lab offerings and schedule in the public areas of our website. However, registration for CHSEL is exclusive to members of Lighthouse Home School Support.


~CHSEL operates as a Christian homeschool educational enrichment/support group. Although families are not required to sign our Statement of Faith, we do require that families understand and show respect for these beliefs, which are posted in our About page as well as our CHSEL Handbook.

~Membership in LHSS is required before CHSEL membership. LHSS membership has a non-refundable annual family fee of $40 that is due upon LHS membership request and will be renewable each year in June. CHSEL membership is free however there are Fall/Spring Registration Fees that total $60/family which cover various expenses associated with CHSEL such as facility use, website fees, insurance, admin, legal and accounting fees.

~All CHSEL payments are made through PayPal at this time. CHSEL tuition and supply fees are invoiced upon lab registration. Each lab registration generates 9 tuition invoices in your family account, one due each month Aug-April, with the first one including any supply fees for that lab. The tuition and supply fees are collected by CHSEL and then redistributed to our teachers as monthly payment for the labs they teach.

~All CHSEL families are required to sign up for 2-3 Service Duty sessions throughout the year, depending on the number of families enrolled OR you can register for Service Duty OPT OUT ($50-$75) on the registration page.

  1. Request Membership at Lighthouse Home School Support –www.lighthousesetx.org-- here. Following payment for your annual membership in Lighthouse, you will be approved for LHSS membership. Please save your username and password.
  2. Then go to the CHSEL the website www.chsel.org and select join in the upper right corner to request membership. Fill out the requested information and save your username and password. You will receive an approval email within 24-48 hrs. Once approved you will be allowed access to the private portion of the CHSEL website, accessible only by logging in with your username and password. Once logged in, you can register for labs and any private events. You may also choose to link your Lighthouse and CHSEL accounts so some information, such as the calendar can be accessed through either site.
  3. Registration for labs is done by going to the lab registration page, selecting the lab of choice, checking the box by your student’s name and then clicking register. You must do this for each lab of choice. Your invoices are generated with each lab registration. You can access your invoices by selecting Balance in the upper right corner.
  4. If your student will be on campus at lunch, a parent must be present during the lunch hour OR you must register your child with a lunch monitor during that time.
  5. You will be invoiced Fall Registration Fee ($30), due Aug 1st, or immediately if registration is after that date. Your Spring Registration ($30) will be due with your December tuition payment. These fees cover necessary expenses for operation as well as secure your registration in labs.
  1. All families must complete an online orientation and pay their first set of invoices by the end of August.
  2. All families must either select their service duty dates or opt out of service duty by the end of August.
  3. Once lab registration is done, you can view your family’s schedule by going to the registration page and selecting Manage Class Registrations on the right side of the page.
  4. Please familiarize yourself with the Classroom Dashboard (click CLASSES at the top of your page), parent view and student views.
  5. Watch your email for important communications from your teachers or CHSEL.

Welcome to CHSEL!!